Where Is The Outrage Australia?

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The above pdf is a copy of letter I received from Department of Health and Human Services dated: 23/08/2016.


I have now added the letter as a picture for anyone having trouble opening pdf’s. 31.08.2017.

The photo is my full time Carer/Nominee; Michael Mathews and myself; Renée Emmanuel at the Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission in Sydney with over 500 pages of information and evidence. This was in late April 2014.

My darling brother being abused all over again as an adult in State Care.

When my brother was taken from our evil family home, he had been abused from birth, raped, tortured, mentally, emotionally abused in horrific ways, please see link here

My brother and I were abused by our evil family, often with the help of Dr Epstein. The Victorian Authorities eventually took my brother Daniel into State Care.

Before my brother was taken into State Care, Kew Cottages at 10 years of age (1970), he could talk and walk, but due to the savage abuses he received he was mentally handicapped and had physical spasticity, like being unable to properly feed himself.

When Danny was taken into State Care, my sister Janet, my brother Tony and I were left behind in the “House from Hell” being 37 Rosamond Road, North Footscray. Victoria.

I have tried throughout my life from childhood to expose what was happening in our multi-generational child abuse family, but I could never find anyone I felt I could trust to begin to tell my story. When I was 42 years old I finally received help and the following link gives at least a partial description of the damaging results incurred to me and my sweet brother Danny: Please see the bottom of the page for Forensics for Danny and Forensics for Renée: here

The pdf copy of the letter I received from the Victorian Government is at the top of this post. The letter informs me that my brother Danny is very likely to have been getting raped by his State Care Doctor: Andrew Churchyard.

The Victorian State Government is stating that they are aware that this Doctor has been raping his patients. The Government says that they do not know if my brother has been getting raped by this Doctor, but because Danny cannot speak and has not spoken since childhood, then obviously Danny has been unable to tell them about events at his visits to Dr Andrew Churchyard.

Due to my own illnesses and distance I have not been able to visit Danny for some time, but he was walking and moving around quite okay when I last visited him at his State Care Home. Sometime ago when I was speaking Danny’s Carers and trying to speak to Danny on the phone, his Carers’ told me Danny is no longer walking and “refuses to walk”.

I suspect Danny has chosen to refuse to walk quite possibly as the only means he has to object to be taken to see Dr Andrew Churchyard.

This situation reminds me of what happened with Danny when I was 3 years old and Danny was 5 years old. Our evil mother relocated us to live with her at the home of our evil grandparents and a great aunt, who were very much involved in horrifically abusing us both. Very soon after our older sister, brother and Danny and I were moved to the maternal grandparents house, Danny stopped talking and has never spoken since.

I believe Danny has both consciously refused to speak and refuses to now walk! Being the only defense mechanisms he has to at least try to combat being abused. It is also well known that child predators, like predator animals will always target the easiest prey and Danny being physically never fully developed, is very small and weak like a child and being unable to speak a human predator knows this is a great advantage to him.

Please see link on Dr Andrew Churchyard here

This disgusting situation of my brother being most likely abused his whole life (he is now 57 years old this month) firstly with our criminal insane family, then Kew Cottages and still in State Care today. Danny was taken from the “house from hell” when I was 8 years old and for the next 10 years I visited him at Kew Cottages every second Sunday. I observed regularly that he had been beaten about the head and face and he had massive weight loss and his body has never fully developed.

I witnessed disabled children, teenagers being bashed by staff members in Kew Cottages.

This disgusting situation has re traumatised me again on top of recent abuses since trying to give evidence to Police in 3 States and Victoria Police put up a pretense of investigating the matter but refused to allow me to meet and speak with the Investigating Detective. My Carer sent many facsimiles of evidence to the Police but they then cut off the Fax Number and abused and threatened my Carer. I was able to make a partial statement to female uniformed Police Officers but they cut my interview short and refused to speak with me again. My Carer contacted them and offered to take me to their Police Station to complete my statements and my Carer offered to pay for our own Motel accommodation near the Police Station whilst I completed my statements, but the Victorian Police refused to respond to several contacts.

I have tried to give evidence to the Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission, but they refused to allow me to speak. I hand delivered with my Carer a bundle of documents of over 500 pages to the Royal Commission in Sydney and one of the Counselors and an Officer attached to the Police told me I would be contacted and given a date to come and speak directly with the Commissioners, but another Officer contacted me and said I am not being invited to attend the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.

How much further painful trauma must my brother Danny be suffering daily?

I do also feel sympathetic for some of Danny’s current Carers who I believe have been very kind and as helpful as they possibly can to Danny. This situation must also cause them grief.

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