53 Years Of Searching For Justice In Australia



In this post, I would like to show the constant times throughout my childhood, teenage and adult years that I tried desperately to get help for my brother Danny and myself.

I began at 2 years of age as soon as I could talk with my brother being near-death drowned by our mother and I bolted from the house (9 Robson St, North Sunshine, Victoria, this was when my mother and father were still married). Please remember that I was only 2 years old and my brother Danny was 4 years old.

I walked around the quarries in North Sunshine and walked for a long time navigating the quarries so that I did not fall into them and walked far to Ballarat Road, Sunshine. Even in 1964 Ballarat Road was a major highway. I walked out into the busy highway and unfortunately, I was picked up by my father’s work mate in a truck and taken back to the house. When my father got home he was enraged the same as my mother about my going so far and trying to get help from the public.

I was punished for my rebellion and taken that night to the quarries and put in the front seat of a truck without a windscreen with my father driving it down the steep incline and he hit the brakes hard which caused me to be thrown through the open front window onto the gravel and stones. My father then yelled out that he was going to run over me with the truck and that I would be squashed and made flat. I couldn’t move due to both pain and shock and yes, he did run the truck over me but I was lying down and he made sure that the wheels did not run over me. He continued this with reversing the truck back and forward a few times. This was to terrify me and he was screaming that I was to never leave the house again or seek help from people.

Of course, when I was returned to the house, more punishment (torture) was inflicted from my mother when she was bathing me in icy water, this was when the near-death drownings started for me as well and constantly being slapped across the head, ears and called “stupid”. My father also called me the “blue eyed bitch”.

Words with quotation marks are names given by the torturer/s via trauma/torture, or to be precise using the occults wording; ‘different frames of mind’.

The next time I tried to get outside help was when I was 4 years old as I thought to myself surely, I can speak more clearly now for outsiders to understand what I’m trying to tell them what is happening to us 4 children in the house at 37 Rosamond Road, North Footscray. What I have always referred to as the ‘house from hell’. (My parents had separated and divorced and myself and 3 older siblings were now living with our grandparents, great aunt Myra and mother, we now had 4 full time adults at home to torture us).

I’ll start with the preceding Friday (21st October 1966) night with all us kids being taken to 1 of Melbourne’s many picture theatres that were used for occult ceremonies. It was not a family outing of going to the pictures, it was specifically an occult event in the basement of the picture theatre to marry me to my eldest brother Anthony George Leonard Farthing. The usual extended family and all their associates were there including medical practitioners, and again our family doctor; Sigmund Epstein. There are underground facilities and tunnels in Melbourne City that are interconnected to all the major Public Hospitals, some Private Hospitals, Universities, Melbourne City Council, Hotels, both State and Church run ‘Care Homes’, Kew Cottages and The Royal Melbourne Botanical Zoological Gardens. etc.

I had been aware of this upcoming marriage for the past year as my mother would sit me on her knee with my brother Anthony (Tony) begging her to brush my long white hair and tell him the story of how I was to belong to him (occult fairy tale).

Both sides of the family were there, Farthings/Kings and Harmers including many other family members extending as far to 8th cousins. I will keep this brief as possible as I do not wish to traumatise good hearted readers with full satanic details.

When all our immediate family members were walking towards the double doors leading to the basement at this Melbourne Picture I saw the word; EXIT and I asked what it meant, as my mother did not want attention drawn to us all she told me it was a way out, a doorway to outside. With this I grabbed my brother Danny’s hand and tried to drag him out of this door with me. My brother Tony who was really looking forward to this ceremony dragged us back and we were dragged through the doors, down the long corridor filled with gargoyles and downstairs into the basement. Please also note this was in my original incomplete police statement, which SGT Kate Sadler from Bairnsdale Police Station, Victoria also said she had been taken to the same picture theatre as a child and had seen the double doors and was thankful her family never took her through them.

I then had to pretend that I was in a compliant ‘frame of mind’, which was not hard as I was horrified and again in state of shock. So, I stood obediently by Tony’s side, I was given another 2 names, each one from Egyptian and Greek mythology goddesses. I waited until a golden chalice filled with blood was put to my lips to seal this unholy union and pushed it out of uncle Alan’s (Farthing/King) hand. It was spilt over the floor and I then ran across to my brother Danny who had stopped talking not long after we moved into the grandparents’ house. I told him that I would speak for him and so I stood in front of Danny with my arms outstretched and sang the 1st verse of Jesus loves me, I only knew the 1st verse. Uncle Alan came at me with a dagger knife and tried to stab me in the stomach, but Danny pulled me backwards with his arms wrapped around me. *This is the scar from knife on my stomach in my Forensics Report. Forensic Reports: here

This brought about horrendous torture for all of us 4 kids and the following day (Saturday) I tried to run out of the house in which I had my right shoulder dislocated, locked in a bedroom which only fuelled the rage I was feeling that I smashed everything in the room. This caused the door to be opened and I ran out into the backyard and climbed onto the shed roof and yelled that that Tony was not my husband and that I belonged to Jesus. Empty milk bottles and logs of wood from the wood pile were thrown at me, in which a split cut piece of wood hit me on the left side of my forehead causing me to collapse on the roof top.

I was left on top of the shed roof overnight, and I awoke at dawn with a terrible headache and dry retching. I managed to get myself off the roof which was painful with my shoulder and staggered to the rain water bucket to wash my face and have a drink of water. This did not help my headache but it did cause me to be a bit more alert. Then as quietly as I could I went through the fernery, down the driveway and out the front gate and staggered down Rosamond Road to the Church of England in Ballarat Road, where I had been only a few times to their Sunday school. I collapsed due to concussion and exhaustion outside the Sunday school building and was woken when other children started to arrive.

I went inside with the other kids and when I saw the Sunday school teacher I tried to tell her what had happened but she kept interrupting me and sent another 2 kids into the main church building. 2 men in suits came to the Sunday school building and grabbed me by each arm and took me into the main church building and stood me in front of the vicar. I felt very intimidated as the vicar told me that God was not happy with me and Jesus hates liars. I was then told to sit through the church service. As soon as the church service was over I left and walked all the way back onto Rosamond road outside the ‘house from hell’. I sat in the middle of the road hoping a truck would run me over and that I would die, I couldn’t understand why Jesus would now hate “me”?

I don’t know how long I sat there, not realising that trucks didn’t run on Sunday’s back in the 1960’s. My mother came out and dragged me back into the house by my right arm that was dislocated at the shoulder. I was taken to Dr Epstein’s Surgery in Ballarat Road well over a week later to have my shoulder put back in place. Dr Epstein was then used for more tortures even in the house from this time on.

It was only a few months later that all of us kids were taken to Pine Lodge in Inverloch, South Gippsland, Victoria and after this gruesome so called holiday I was to start school, grade prep in the February of 1967. After the tortures done to my head at Pine Lodge and with having long white hair where blood showed easily, I got blamed for my hair being constantly knotty, I was accused of putting lollies in my hair and my mother Thelma Farthing and grandmother Flora Harmer put a basin on my head and cut off my hair when we returned from this horrendous holiday. It was then dyed dark brown, nearly black and they also began giving me male names and telling me that I was a boy and not a girl. What the stupid mother and grandmother didn’t think to do for several years was to use an eyebrow pencil and mascara and so I had this nearly black hair with white eyebrows and eyelashes. The daily regime of putting foundation on my face to cover scars also started when I began school. PINE LODGE LINK: HERE


I continued with trying to tell people outside of our family what was happening and when I was taken with Danny to the Royal Childrens Hospital once a month for his calliper boot adjustments. Our mother kept trying to tell the doctors at the hospital that Danny had fits (seizures) but I would pipe up and tell the doctors that Danny couldn’t breathe with his head held under water in the bath and that our brother Tony would bash him with cricket bats, tennis rackets and the split wood from the wood pile. Other times I would steal items from shops just to try and draw attention to my mother and scream hysterically whenever I had to get shoes fitted. I ended up with cheap plastic sandals only to wear for years as my mother stopped taking me into shoe shops.

Then came grade 1 at school, being North Footscray Primary School. Often, I was sent to school only long enough to have my name ticked off the roll call and would have to return to the house, usually by lunch time. Danny was sent on a blue bus to Yooralla school for retarded children most days and so I was alone with 4 adults most school day afternoons. Adults: Maternal Grandparents George and Flora Harmer, Great Aunt Myra Johnston and Mother Thelma Farthing.

What I do certainly remember was daily being beaten with split wood logs on my whole legs and then many hours of having the splinters taken out with sewing needles and called yet again “stupid” for playing on the wood pile. It was the bruising on my legs that my grade 1 teacher Miss Crawford noticed. This ended up with my teacher suddenly disappearing and I was told that she was “mad” and locked up and that I would be locked up in a mad house too if I kept speaking about private family business. So, I subdued the ways I tried to get other people’s attention, but I didn’t stop trying.

After years of missing most of Primary School, instead I was forced to study their Religious occult books in old King James English, with studying these books I had hoped that my family and their occult networks would back off from the tortures to myself, this didn’t happen. When I studied the ‘black bible’ I knew that it was in opposition to the True God and Christ Jesus and so I knew that for my own sake that I would apply the direct opposite of these untrue teachings to my own life. God’s Holy Spirit was teaching me directly that I needed to reverse the meanings of the ancient occult black bible, in order to gain knowledge of God’s True Holy Bible. LINK TO MEMORIES: HERE


High School was also very difficult as I ended up being changed to several schools and I lost interest, so instead I would wag school in the hope truancy officers would notice, then I would play up in the classrooms so I would need to sit outside the Headmistresses Office every day. This only made life more difficult for my mother as she would be called into the school every Friday afternoon and asked why I wouldn’t apply myself. I had once put some effort into studying and received an A in every subject, but this just brought more torture onto myself and I was told that I wasn’t allowed to draw that amount of attention.

In my later teenage years, I continued trying to tell people at the very least about the sexual abuse from my eldest brother Tony that I suffered for 8 years, most people were not interested. Then again in my early 30’s my eldest brother Tony was charged and convicted by his adopted daughter and her cousin for sex abuses against them. I thought finally others speaking up, but my mother showed me the copy of police statement from my niece which had so much omitted (please understand here that Tony Farthing is a serious sex offender, he loves raping children of both sexes, disabled children, babies, beastiality and necrophilia). With this I thought I’d go and make a statement at the Frankston Police Station, Victoria myself, this was nearly 25 years ago. As I was about to enter the interview room I got a bad feeling about making a statement, I suddenly knew that I couldn’t name everything my brother Tony does as I had NO support and my occult family would at the very least have me locked up or killed. So, I backed out from making a statement at that time. If I had someone to support me and a safe place to live I could have made a statement at the time.

I thank God that He gave me the wisdom to not make a statement at that time because I found out years later that Australia’s Dr Reina Michaelson, the well-known Child Protection Advocate had tried to gain police help in relation to occult child abuse matters in Victoria and especially on the Mornington Peninsula and South Gippsland areas. The Frankston police station where I contemplated making the statement is the main city gateway to the Mornington Peninsula and if I had made a police statement there I would have been persecuted just the same as Dr Reina Michaelson was when she was trying to expose satanic ritual abuse and child sexual abuse networks in Victoria. At the time I had not 1 single person to help me or a safe place to live.

I then spent a total of 7 years of going to every church denomination and tried to tell them what had and was still happening, this was even worse than being ignored as I found that the churches are so heavily infiltrated with occultists that instead I would be told that I was demonised. I also found a lot of very crushed and hurting people in the churches labelled as mentally ill, called demonised and were always stuck sitting in the back of churches, either ignored or would be violently attacked with so called deliverance sessions that of course makes a person who has a simple faith in Christ Jesus both spiritually and physically ill. Many of these hurting people were adult victims of ALL forms of child abuse.

I prayed fervently for help to read the Holy Bible as I could only seem to be able to read small amounts at a time, this was due to severe tortures in childhood involving the Holy Bible. My prayers were answered with my 2nd last gift of a new aspect to my own whole personality and using the Holy Scripture; “Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God”. I also knew that my whole mind, being; conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious would need any remaining lies expelled and so I locked myself in a room and read the Holy Bible out loud for up to 12 hours a day. I also would play the Holy Bible on CD’s when I went to bed and at all other waking times. I was fed up with the occultists in churches using partial Scriptures against myself. LINK MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES: HERE


It was when I had finally escaped in 2004 with support that I then went to Mossman Police Station, Queensland in 2006 to make a statement about ALL my family, and I also did name a town in Queensland that my family and their networks had used for occult ceremonies. I thought Queensland police would at least investigate this, instead I was told to type up everything for Victorian police and they would send it to them ahead of my returning to that State in Australia. I also drew the plans of the old building of Pine Lodge, Inverloch, Victoria.

I returned to Victoria in late 2006 to do a full statement. I went to the Sexual Crimes Squad, St Kilda Road, Melbourne and was told that I would be given 2-3 weeks to complete a full statement and that they would also do full forensics. This was put off until 2007 due to Christmas holidays and the only condition that I asked was that I did not want to speak with women police officers. Early 2007, 2 women police officers from Bairnsdale, Victoria came to interview me and only spent just over 1 day taking down the same details I had already provided to Queensland Police the previous year. They both kept asking why I didn’t do a statement back in the early 90’s and I told them I had NO support or safe place to live and that it would not have been wise for me to do so.

I have included in this post the email I sent to The Australian Education Union, Victorian Branch

Of course, they have never responded!




TO: The Australian Education Union, Victorian Branch.
PO BOX 363, Abbotsford, Victoria. 3067.

FROM: Renée Emmanuel.
PO BOX 628, Mallacoota, Victoria. 3892.
Email address:
withheld  Phone: withheld

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am contacting you in the hope that you may still have archived records dating back to 1968.
I attended North Footscray Primary School in Rosamond Rd, North Footscray and when I was Grade 1, my Teacher’s name was: Miss. Crawford.
The Headmaster of the Primary School was: Mr. Carey.

I would like to have contact with Miss. Crawford to clear up matters involving myself as a 6 year old child.

I belonged to a criminal network family and I know that the Headmaster of the School was involved with my family.

I do not know what the circumstances were, but I believe that my Teacher: Miss. Crawford was somehow set up and victimised by this criminal network. I suspect that she may have suffered greatly and I would like to help resolve any issues that may assist her.

Miss. Crawford can contact me by Postal Address, Email or Phone.

My name when I was her pupil was: Maureen Joan Farthing.
I have since changed my name to: Renée Emmanuel and I have nothing whatsoever to do with my criminal family and their networks.

I am sincerely hoping that you may be able to assist me in being able to tell the true information to my persecuted Teacher.

Kind regards,

Renée Emmanuel.


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