Dr Epstein: Ritual Abuse Doctor

Every multi generational ritual abuse family will use the Australian Medical System to continue the cover ups of ritual abuses against children.

These abuses are not limited to physical and sexual, but also Doctors and Surgeons and some major public and small private hospitals will be used to include torture and surgical torture.

For my siblings and I our Local Family Doctor that was used was Dr Zigmund Epstein of Barkly St, Footscray Victoria.

I have always thought this was a bizarre Doctor to use as he was so easy to distinguish and remember. Not only was he very odd looking and an unusual sort of person, but he had had his voice box removed and used to have to hold his hand against his throat to speak. This is what I remember about him the most. My ex family would have been wiser to have selected a Local Doctor not so noticeable, but wisdom is not a common thing amongst the Farthing and Harmer families as they rely purely on cunning.

This Dr Epstein was not only limited to his surgery and hospital medical procedures, but as was common in the 60’s – 70’s; home visits, but the home visits also included all relatives and their local associates homes. In other words everywhere I was taken for my Farthing and Harmer families’ trips to immediate, distant families and their associates for child trafficking (paid prostitution) this Doctor would ultimately be there also.

Dr Zigmund Epstein was also at many other places when extended family members got together especially for our so called holidays at an old holiday resort and these holidays would also attract many more extended family members from many other states and territories in Australia.

Many of the associates to my in particular Farthing and Harmer families would also come to the Christmas and Easter holidays at Pine Lodge, Inverloch, Victoria. Of course there were many other families involved with ritual abuse against children in Australia, bringing with them both some of their doctors and specialists.

Included with the Farthing and Harmer families was also a remarriage within the Farthing family and another name was brought into this network of; King and King-Farthing. This family was and still is very extensive in ritual abuse networks of child trafficking, child prostitution, disgusting sexual perversions of bestiality with children and of course much physical, mental, emotional and mind trauma abuse including torture. And many other whole families were and still are involved with ritual abuse against children, which of course ends a very long list of names.

Getting back to this particular Dr Epstein, he did a great deal of damage to all the 4 remaining children born into the Farthing and Harmer families, (as another older brother is also deceased with a very suspicious death certificate which does not line up with the common story of his death being from ‘cot death’). This was when Dr Epstein had a medical practice in Sunshine, Victoria several years before I was born.

However I can speak directly about this doctor with abuses especially against my older brother Danny and me. My eldest siblings; a sister (murdered by family) and my eldest brother (a convicted sex offender), known as Tony Farthing, who also likes to call himself George or Leonard especially when he is in a perpetrator role, these 2 siblings were and are much older than myself and so I didn’t see our family doctor’s treatment against them to the same extent as to my older brother and me.

Eg; this doctor was also behind my 2 year older brother being made a ‘ward of the state’ and when he was only 10 years old he was placed into an institution called; Kew Cottages, Melbourne. Prior to this same doctor was also behind the lie that my brother had epilepsy and also had this brother sent to Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, Melbourne when he was less than 2 weeks old.

With the cover ups of ritual abuse against my brother then also the Royal Melbourne Childrens’ Hospital also became involved, but the truth of his so called diseases, epilepsy were actually the fact that same as our other deceased brother; Danny was another male child and so was not wanted and was abused from the moment he was born.

This included drugs to make him appear to have epilepsy, which of course after many years of drugging him up this has caused a form of epilepsy. Aside from this type of drugging there is of course the severe physical torture done to him to the extent that his natural face is now unrecognizable.


But of course from a very young age, even in my own infancy I remember quite clearly of seeing my Farthing-King and Harmer families’ string up my brother with fishing line and large fish hooks to hang as a wooden doll; like the fairytale of Pinocchio.

Only a few years ago when my brother was rushed into hospital and very ill, my full time carer and I along with 1 of my brother’s carers were at the hospital with Danny and I was speaking to his carer with Danny of this cruel and outrageous torture done to him. Within this conversation my brother then showed the scars on his body to not only myself, but both mine and his carer. This naturally has caused him to have to endure not only the physical affects from the tortures of the many times this was done to him, but also the complete mental and emotional despair from this specific torture. I have only spoken about 1 of the horrific tortures.

And now over 8 years of the corrupt Victorian police who refuse to take my full statement! I have also tried in this last 8 years another 2 states in Australia, 1 being the corrupt NSW police as well. I spoke with a Counsellor in a 4th state who said that the police there were also not very helpful, so I didn’t put myself through the heartache of trying to make a statement in this state as well.

Dr Zigmund (Zigmunt, Sigmund) Epstein the spelling of this Doctor’s first name varies with the below newspaper articles written.

Dr Epstein newspaper article links:

Prescription forgery by Dr Epstein 23 Feb 1946

Description of Dr Epstein’s techniques Sydney Morning Herald 31 Oct 1944

Tasmania 31 Oct 1944

and this same above article was printed in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and ACT original articles buried or removed with acquittal

Dr Epstein restored to register 24 July 1945

High court dismissal of charges against Dr Epstein: First and Second 8 Sept 1945

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate 24 July 1945

An attempted murder of Dr Epstein; Canberra Times: First and Second 28 March 1974

Please find link for Dr Zigmont Epstein employed by the Victorian Government Motor Accidents Board pdf page 20: here

Look what the careless Victorian Government does by employing Dr Epstein even after he had his Doctors Licence suspended and numerous suspicions of Criminal Behaviour.


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