Evidence and Forensics of Ritual Abuse in Australia

Today I have put up a link for Forensics Reports for both my brother Danny and me. And I have included at the end of this post my latest email to the NSW police.

These Forensics Reports have been sent to ALL authorities in Australia and the Authorities have been sitting on this part of my evidence for nearly 5 years. Michael Mathews my carer had also written down a considerable amount of other evidence naming my abusers and places where I and other children were abused. He also told police about reports from other Ritual Abuse victims.

The former Victorian Premier; Ted Ballieu and MP Mary Wooldridge sent this part of the evidence (the Forensics Reports) to the Victorian Police with; they must act!

Of course yet again the corrupt Victorian Police refused to act.

ALL of the Authorities have refused to act in any humane way of the Ritual Abuse done to children in this country. Instead they have continued the cover up of these atrocious crimes and have persecuted not only me, but my full time carer, advocates and whistleblowers.

When I was escaping Victoria after more death threats and went interstate to the mid north coast of NSW in 2008, of course both my carer and I spoke with other people about the rampart Ritual Abuse against children and we were told about the children being picked up from truck stops and being raped. These people continually said that the police will not help you if you say anything.

However both my carer and I still tried the NSW police as well as the local media, authorities etc. Again no one was interested.

We felt we still must try to help the many children and some adults suffering horrific rape and torture, sometimes murder.

Then again in 2012 after fleeing from Mallacoota in Victoria we went back to this district in NSW and again tried to help the police with this crime against children. A Social Worker told us that young boys were being raped on yachts or boats in the river at Taree.

We got slammed with what other people had previously warned us about, and not just persecution but also false charges laid against my carer for assault, when in fact he was the one attacked.

This of course resulted in many more communications with the Forster police station and in particular with their Top Cop; Commander Pete Thurtell.

Refer post about escaping Mallacoota and Failford with a copy of the email I sent to this “Commander” re the false charges and ill treatment of my disabled carer when the Forster police arrested him. My carer now suffers far more pain from his permanent spine injuries and is now almost completely immobile, unable to walk, sit or stand. His doctor is aware of our situation and said he believed our biggest danger is from the police.

Top Cop; Commander Pete Thurtell is in charge of the large District in the mid north coast of NSW and it is 60 days since the last time I offered expert advice to help him by giving him evidence of horrific child abuse, Ritual Abuse in the large region he oversees.

60 days have passed and of course many more children have suffered terribly under the watch of Commander Thurtell aiding in the cover ups of Child Sexual Abuse, Torture, Murder and Ritual Abuse against children.

Monday, 4 August 2014




CC TO: Alexandra Reid: reid1ale@police.nsw.gov.au



Please find attached forensics reports for my brother Danny and me.

You have steadfastly ignored me and my offer to help you, re email I sent to you on the 5th June 2014.

Clearly I am qualified to speak about these matters and I am at a loss to understand why you would not want to learn what I have to say when right now CHILDREN ARE BEING ABUSED UNDER YOUR WATCH!

Yours sincerely, Renée Emmanuel

Renee’s alternative forensic report

Alternative forensics D Farthing

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