Love Died, Crime and Cruelty Rules Australia

This blog post written by Michael Mathews is a brief summary from before and after we met in early October 2004. It contains links to previous blog posts so that they are in chronological order and are more cohesive to read.

I sincerely thank Michael who is not only my Carer, but most importantly my best friend and I am grateful for his work to summarise the widespread corruption with our Politicians, Public Services, especially Senior Public Servants, Courts, Solicitors and Media. This blog post clearly shows how extensive the Global Organised Occult have infiltrated ALL sectors.

Our government owned media; ABC television and radio have played a huge part in the lies and refusal to truthfully inform the general public, followed by the commercial channels.

23/02/2019.  I have also added in at the bottom of this post recent emails regarding both Ipswich and Nanango Courts, which also include how by their refusal to perform their lawful duty of Care to Disabled Victims of Crime and the further damages this disgusting farce has done to Michael Mathews.

Michael has suffered further spine damages and other injuries related to the collapse of his spine, because the court refused to make provisions for his  disability needs, even though he requested this assistance on at least 5 occasions. He is now suffering internal bleeding due to these abuses by Public Officers. Michael has never suffered internal bleeding in the past. These abuses are obviously deliberate! 

Let no-one be deceived for the God who created this earth with all its lands, seas and rivers will Not be mocked.

Letter to the Magistrate at Ipswich Court. 14..02.2019. Sent by Australia Post Registered Mail.

This document is designed to demonstrate how chronic crime and corruption in Australia is grossly harming many people, families, children, disabled, long term victims of crime and the elderly.

The main causes of this obscene problem in our society is crooked politics, public services, police, lawyers and the courts where almost everyone refuses to lawfully perform their duty as public officers. This situation is without doubt, or fear of rational rebuttal, completely ruining our nation and there is no relief from this destruction in sight.

In the early 1980s after extensively traveling Australia and returning to Victoria I realized how widespread corruption and stupidity has taken hold of our country. I understood a severe financial crash was coming due to growing lawlessness, but when I told many people about this they did not understand. Ultimately the 1987 Stock Market crashed and then I know for sure many people would turn to real estate markets, so I knew the housing/property markets would crash soon after, which they did.

I purchased two nice one hectare properties in Queensland hoping that corruption within Government would be minimal due to the Fitzgerald Inquiry, but I found my hopes were very incorrect.  I found corruption is rampant in Qld, but I hoped that the police would repair the damages because of the strong focus the Fitzgerald Inquiry had on the police services, but I found them to be highly incompetent, ignorant and not interested in addressing crime.

I believe our banks were also giving out home loans for people building houses in the area when they would have known the people were being defrauded of the lawful rights and basic human rights. I came across two people who told me they knew secret meetings had taken place in Brisbane where secret decisions were made to stop the completion of our mains electricity supply. Eventually Senator Warren Entcsh (not sure of spelling) told me on the phone that the stopping of the electricity supply was to do with a long running feud between the major political parties.

Soon after I spoke up at public meetings I was targeted by a number of sources connected with the Qld Labor party and the Greens. I began to receive veiled threats and I was assaulted several times.

Due to all the crime and corruption I had no electricity and our local general store running on generators whilst waiting for the completion of our mains electricity supply was forced to close due to the rising costs of fuel.

There were rumours at Cow Bay about child sexual abuse at or involved with the local school and two local people came to me asking me if I could help in some way. They told me they believed 11 children had been abused and they said the matters had been covered up and they said several witnesses were too scared of the police, so they would not speak up. I spoke with one family they mentioned to me but they would not discuss the matter, so I told the people who approached me and they were very upset and disappointed. The people were very fearful of the police because the police were attending many public meetings and they stood shoulder to shoulder with crooked mayor Berwick, giving him strong support for his destruction of our community. At one of these meetings I held up the book, Carter’s criminal law of Qld written by Judge the Hon Judge Reginald Francis Carter and the local police sergeant said to the crowd something like “This is a brilliant book of Law and he said he had great respect for Judge Carter”!  I said to him “I wish you would follow the Law according to Judge Carter” but both policeman immediately left the meeting. When I contacted this police sergeant on the Monday after the meeting he told me he was now being transferred to another area and he could not speak about issues at Cow Bay, nth of the Daintree River. On several other occasions after I approached police I was told they have been transferred elsewhere. These matters are covered in the first link below.

I traveled to other parts of our country seeking refuge with electricity, food supplies, etc and I found people complaining about crime and corruption where ever I went.

One of the places I stayed at for refuge was Wonthaggi, Victoria where I met a number of people who spoke vaguely about cult like activity in their region and eventually I met a very brave woman at a Chinese restaurant along with a small social club group. I must say that the multi course meal was delicious.

The brave woman I met, unknown to me desperately needed to find someone who would help her escape from some sort of multi generational cult network in Australia. Later on in time Renée explained to me about the extensive satanic occult networks in Australia and worldwide and in recent times this is now well known. We got on real well at the Chinese restaurant and we met again soon after and I had to covertly help this courageous woman, Renée Emmanuel  remove herself away from this very evil network and I had to deflect attacks against her from several members of this network. I could write a book just on these matters alone.

I was an out spoken refugee in my own county but no one in Govt and Authorities would lawfully perform their duty to help me and many other victims of crime and corruption at Cow Bay, Nth of the Daintree river, Qld. I spoke with nearly 40 solicitors and they all said the matters are criminal and must be dealt with by police

This next link tells the story of events where Renée Emmanuel also became a fellow victim of Queensland crimes. See the two “Statements of claim” one written by me and the other written by Renée.

Renée Emmanuel had diligently reignited the battle for justice and basic human rights at Cow Bay, Nth of the Daintree River, but we both became targeted again after our work caused the sacking of the Douglas Shire Council. Qld Premier; Peter Beattie had cunningly disguised this sacking as part of Council amalgamations in Qld and he caused much turmoil for Queenslanders because of his criminal cunning of covering up his own involvement in crime and corruption. I have correspondence from Beattie saying he has appointed an officer to address the matters of forged/falsified documents, mail theft/fraud, mail interception etc but he deceived us again and he quickly and unexpectedly resigned from politics. I was told by a former senior public service official that he quickly left the country when we filed complaints at the Supreme Court, Brisbane.

We have had many items of Certified mail stolen or stopped or intercepted in relation to our search for justice and this situation continues today. Both Renée and I have had constant problem of having our health care needs obstructed via Qld health, NSW health and Commonwealth Health Services. We both have permanent disabilities due to crime and I have tried for nearly five years to gain access to the NDIS but I am still being obstructed. The political occult networks appear to cover all aspects of Government and they are very active, persecuting whistleblowers and victims of crime.

I knew in early 1990s that my mail was being stopped from reaching Local Govt Councillors and I realised this would be occurring to all people making complaints because no one was receiving any responces and the Council kept blaming the State Govt for stopping the mains electricity completion. Eventually we found that they are both involved together. Sgt Michael Sands at Ravenshoe, Qld wrote a letter for the Qld Crime and corruption commission but they refused to act and only said, “your complaint has been noted ‘’. We and other victims sent numerous more complaints with details to the Qld and Commonwealth Ombudsman’s offices but nothing was done. We went in person to the office of the Qld CCC but no one would speak with us and it appeared everyone was hiding and waited until we left the building.

We were once invited by two detectives to come to their office at the Fraud squad, Roma St Police Headquarters, Brisbane but the male policemen at the reception counter refused to allow us to go up stairs to see the detectives. We then went to the dispatch office in the foyer and I tried to give a large letter addressed to the police commissioner to the policeman at the counter, but he refused to take the letter, so I put it on the counter in front of him. This policeman then said “I will throw it (the letter) in the bin.” I said to him, “ It’s your business if you want to break the Law’” and I left the letter on the counter, but we never did hear from the Commissioner, so we believe our mail was intercepted, destroyed and stopped from reaching the police Commissioner, like many other Certified mail items we sent whilst trying to gain justice in Australia.

I was warned by the chief administrator in veiled language that I would suffer much obstruction within the Courts’ System and when I first filed complaints I found out very quickly that his warning was accurate. This chief administrator and apparently four other senior court officials resigned soon after.

Ultimately two Judges chose to obstruct and pervert justice after stringing us along for several years by refusing to allow us to present Affidavit evidence and exhibits of very clear hard evidence of crime and corruption. These so called judges even allowed the respondent offenders to continually fail to attend the court when they were lawfully summonsed and allowed their several crooked law firms to use documents that were obvious perjuries.

Mail sent to me from other victims of Qld crimes was also intercepted and stopped at a post office from being delivered to me, but of course Qld police refuse to assist in accordance with Australian Federal Police directions.

The courts also failed to act when Certified mail I sent to the courts was intercepted and stopped from being delivered to the court. The last judge lifted up his skirt and bolted out of the courtroom whilst I was trying to read out our Affidavits.

We then took refuge in New South Wales where we quickly found more crime and corruption related to the Qld matters. We have a document clearly showing how staff at Murwillumbah Post Office forged false address on our Mail redirection form and we went straight to the police station after complaining to the Postmaster, but we believe the Postmaster had quickly called the police and when we got to the police station a sergeant was locking the front door in the middle of the afternoon. He told us he cannot help us and he quickly walked away.

We then tried again to take refuge in Victoria at Mallacoota, we were both seriously stressed and traumatized from many events of skullduggery against us, in fact far too many to write down.

Sadly we suffered further criminal abuse from police and others because of our involvement trying to help many crime victims in Australia. We had continued Mail problems and Certified mail to us was also intercepted and stolen but police again refused to help. We have all hard evidence for these mail crimes.

I sent Certified mail to police Commander Peter Fox the well respected whistleblower for child sexual abuse matters but this mail also failed to reach him. See the following link:

Renée and I became very ill and Renée suffered another nervous system breakdown causing her doctor to insist to me that I must find a way to remove her away from the criminal elements surrounding us and mostly controlled by corrupt cops. He said she could easily die in her terrible condition. This doctor also told me that he knows the bent cops are constantly stalking me and I have no doubt they stalked us from the time we arrived at Failford, NSW and also in other areas of NSW whilst being homeless camping out. The following link describes some of these matters but there is much more extremely serious criminal issues involving politicians and public services.

After being forced to flee again from Victoria and them from NSW we were offered refuge at an old broken house on acreage in Queensland and although we have no rational reason to feel safe in Qld, we had no other options.

The NSW and Qld police soon tried to keep Renée’s nervous system in a state of fear and hopelessness by stalking her in three vehicles, a Qld cop car and two dark SUV type vehicles but the slimy cowards did not do this to me although they knew I was Ill and had contracted Leukemia due to Trauma on top of my spine injuries and they knew for sure I would still fight back at them but they are sick cunning bastards so they attacked Renée knowing that her nervous system problems when triggered can easily cause her death as her doctor said. I had already told to police about Renée’s dangerous health situation and I pleaded with them face to face for them to perform their duty but they grossly increased their attacks on use instead. Again there is much more skullduggery to this situation and at least some of it is at this link.

The above link also involves two assaults on me and the second assault was carried out by NSW police, where they acted in concert with others to make false accusations and my own solicitor worked in concert with the crooked cops, along with the Ombudsman’s office, NSW Housing, Fair Trading and others.

Whilst we stayed at the refuge house in Queensland I had to work constantly against the above criminals working in concert and with God’s loyal mighty help we managed to defeat their frantic efforts to destroy our lives again.

Renée although suffering terribly managed to establish the blog where the links are derived from. We worked tirelessly on social media for the real truth to finally become public and again without God’s mighty help we had no hope of completing any of this work, especially considering we were being obstructed with our health care needs at the same time.  I suspect it was NSW police who completely sabotaged my Mitsubishi van for carrying a mobility scooter and we had to buy another vehicle.

We then relocated to a more livable house in Qld where the attacks against us continued. Our rent payments were being stolen by a crooked real estate agent and then Qld Housing Bond Board effectively stole our Bond money and gave it to someone else but they would not tell us where the money had gone. This situation ended up being another long running battle with the crooks at Qld Housing and all of the appropriate Qld authorities again refused to assist us and God only knows how many other defrauded people.

We both again contacted the new Qld Premier, the Attorney General and the Minister for police but they chose to refuse to respond and refuse to lawfully perform their duty again in relation to crimes and misconduct causing homelessness to us and many others, causing unlawful deaths, suicides in despair, child abuse, elderly abuse, disabled abuse etc. Considerable more skullduggery occurred again between Ministers, police etc but all still remain silent with much blood guilt on their hands.

We are still having problems with our Australia post mail but still no one with perform their lawful duty by taking action against crime. We have had mail problems via Mossman, Murwillimbah, Nabiac, Yarraman post offices and even more recently we have not received some mail at our new rental home. We have not received mail from a real estate agent, or mail Bond certificate from Qld Housing, Qld Transport or very important from the Health Commission in Canberra where several mail items are very suspicious and we have the documents of evidence. We have also not received mail from NDIS or Aged care services, although I first contacted NDIS over four years ago.

In recent times we tried again to assist Renée’s horrifically abused brother who is still trapped in unsafe care of Victorian disability so called care but we were grossly obstructed by State Govt ministers and some staff. The following post link needs much updating in relation to the obscene careless behaviour of Govt ministers and administration staff, but we have both been too ill and chronic pain problems have diminished our abilities to sit at the PC desk for long periods of time.

In a nutshell they did everything possible to stop Renée from visiting her darling brother and actively worked against his real health and well being needs by conspiring with the evil witch mother in order to obstruct Danny and Renée in all our attempts to gain proper care for Danny in a safe loving environment.

The following link describes briefly the efforts Renée Emmanuel has made from childhood to gain assistance for her siblings and herself but no one in Authority will even respond to her, let alone help her, but be sure that God will soon take care of all the worlds abused and mistreated peoples and of course this will be at the expense of all who refuse to perform their duties as public officers.

I am currently collecting together hundreds of pages of letters and documents to challenge and counterclaim against the Corporations of the Qld Government and police services. They sent me fine because my car registration had run out but again I had not received any rego request document from them. Over the relative period of time I went to the Qld transport office twice doing normal business but my car rego was not mentioned. No harm was caused to anyone due my rego ran out but the damages  to humans is extensive when Govt’s and Authorities refuse to perform their duty, such as deaths, suicides in despair, homelessness, child abuse, disabled abuse, elderly abuse, family abuse unemployment, financial distress, poverty, marriage break downs etc etc.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said “You must Love God and you must Love one another” Where is the LOVE in Australia??  Many politicians, police and public servants call themselves Christians and Jesus Christ said “You shall know them by their fruits” being the fruits of Love with Mercy, Justice, Empathy. All societies, nations throughout history have collapsed when they failed to remain loyal to God our creator and father of Jesus Christ and all who call upon his name.

Quite a number of these documents are letters from the Qld chief magistrate, several Govt Ministers, Peter Garrett, Anthony Albanese and others who sent the matter to both Federal and State Attorney Generals,   Australian prime ministers, the Australia federal police, the Director General of Qld health, Commonwealth health minister, Homeless services via Minister Jenny Macklin, the Australian human rights Commission, Qld Premier, Qld Attorney General via Prime minister Julia Gillard and many others, but obviously the whole system of Qld and Australian Government has failed leaving us hanging out to dry like dirty washing.

Numerous MP’s and ministers in Qld and NSW resigned over these matters and of the Qld premier Beattie.  They are so fearful of the system themselves because they know it’s out of control with lawlessness.

These crime and corruption matters result from generations of matters being concealed within Government and public services. The destructive insanity of forcing public servants into silence and the silence of the Media greatly contributes to widespread injustice whilst blood guilty politicians involved in corruption sit on their backsides laughing at victims of crime and persecuted whistleblowers. Jesus Christ said “Nothing is concealed except for the purpose of being uncovered” and we all know about the massive uncovering of concealed matters currently in the world.

Many property owners were forced to abandon their properties/homes, like I had to do and I suffered being forced to do many physical things that people with mains electricity never have to do. These activities caused severe further damages to my spine injuries, to the point where I had to engage a Carer to do certain activities. This situation is so wrong when I have to gain assistance from a Centrelink Carer when all I needed was our mains electricity supply to be completed.

Like myself Renée Emmanuel was also forced into homelessness after she diligently contacted all the relevant politicians, police, councilors media and public servants and the Local Govt council was sacked, but Premier Peter Beattie cunningly created a red herring ( false flag in modern language ) and in the middle of an election time he legislated for the local Govt councils to be amalgamated in order to conceal the sacking of the Douglas shire council. Beattie then worked secretly with the Cairns council in conspiracy to stop the mains electricity supply again. All these issues are covered in Exhibit G filed at the courts in Brisbane along with Exhibits A to R on Affidavits and other Affidavits can be seen at the first link on this document.

The decent, honest Councillor; Mr. George Pitt has been the only person to try to address crime and misconduct when he eventually found out what had happened. He also went to the Mossman police station to speak with a newer Sergeant but he found that this officer had been quickly removed from his post in order to stop us from speaking with him and making formal complaints.  George Pitt said to me “Premier Beattie has enormous power and does anything he chooses to do”.

I wonder how many people truly understand the permanent stress/trauma that long term victims of unaddressed crime and oppression suffer constantly. Stress/trauma does not go away just because the system ignores crime and corruption and the disgraceful persecution of witnesses/whistleblowers does not stop. Our Govt’s and Authorities have no concept of our rights to peaceful enjoyment of life and the common law of Love God gave us through his son our Lord Jesus Christ. This also comes under the Laws of public nuisances’. Refusal by public officers to perform their duty is also an offence.

My health and Renée Emmanuel’s health has suffered terribly due to this continued lawlessness   and I have requested that the Court carry out certain things in order to make it possible for us two disabled people and  to attend a court near to where we live because car travel causes terrible pain, further damage and aggravation to my spine injuries. I have emailed the Ipswich court several times about this issue but they have not responded.


Further to this post is the link below to Truth Australia site managed by Michael Mathews.

Crime and Corruption in Queensland

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5 Responses to Love Died, Crime and Cruelty Rules Australia

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  3. ISHIJAH says:

    God bless, guide and protect you dearest Michael and Renée. My heart is broken every time I read of your plight and struggle against the wicked, corrupt authorities and forces.
    Although I am greatly encouraged by your faith and tenacity, I wish that there was more that I could do personally to remedy your situation.
    However my own circumstances here in UK leave me uncertain about my own future, although I am blessed with employment and a modest rented property.
    What I can offer is prayer and supplication to our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on your behalf, and to share your posts as long as I am able.
    I will always sympathise and empathise with those ostracised, marginalized and abused by a negligent world system, poised on corruption, and the obfuscation of it.
    Nonetheless, regardless of its’ malevolent intentions and brutalities, we will find solace and strength in the victory of Christ Jesus at Calvary, and the shedding of his precious blood, conquering Death, Hell and satan in one Coup d’etat.
    If you are in dire need of help, and I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll do my best to aid you, but in the meanwhile I wish you, love, health, prosperity and justice in Jesus’ Holy name. Amen. ♥


    • Farthing2014 says:

      Thank you ISHIJAH for your kindness and offers of help. Your prayers are very much appreciated and the best help from our family in our Lord Jesus, may our Holy Father bless you and keep you safe in such a troubling world in our Lord Jesus’ name.


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