Australian Doctors Crimes Against My Two Brothers And Myself

birth certificate 1

death certificate 1

I have added above copies of both Birth and Death Certificates of another brother of mine, named; Brian Roy Farthing who was born to our biological parents Leonard and Thelma Farthing (nee Harmer).

The story everyone was told about this brother’s death was that he died of ‘cot death’ (now known as sudden infant death syndrome).

Please look at number 5 (1) Cause of death .. .. on his Death Certificate. I have highlighted this: Acute respiratory infection.

Also, what every person was told by our mother Thelma Farthing was that she knew something was wrong with her 13-week-old son and the night before he died she called the family’s treating Doctor, Dr Epstein to the house; 9 Robson St, North Sunshine. Victoria at approx 6 pm. Dr Epstein gave this 13-week-old baby boy, named; Brian a clean bill of health after a full examination?

However; Thelma Farthing continued then and to this very day to say, that she still thought there was something wrong with baby Brian and she claims she was beside herself with worry all night. Yet the following morning, well over 13 hours after she called Dr Epstein to the house, she doesn’t check on this baby boy, but instead she gets my eldest sister, named; Janet and my eldest brother, named; Anthony aka (Tony) ready for school, makes their lunches and then walks them to school and walks back to the house. Also by this time our father; Leonard Farthing had gone to work and baby Brian is left in the house alone.

So, this mother saying she was beside herself with worry over baby Brian does not check on him throughout the night or first thing in the morning. She waits until over 15 hours after she called Dr Epstein out to check on baby Brian, who was only 13 weeks old.

Thelma Farthing likes to tell people in general that’s she’s had a hard life and lost a baby to cot death and in her supposed anxiety finally goes and checks on baby Brian to find him dead in his cot. Not only is he dead but that he had vomited through the night and she then bathed a dead baby, dressed a dead baby, didn’t call her husband at work, baby Brian’s father. Nor did she call emergency departments, doctors, hospitals or even an ambulance. No, she sits holding a cleaned up and fully dressed dead baby for over 6 hours?

How do I know this story about my brother who was born before me, Thelma Farthing would tell every person this story of the ‘so called cot death’ of Brian Farthing and my sister; Janet told me how she was in shock from the trauma of seeing her baby brother; Brian dead in our mother’s arms when she got home from school. She remembered this well as she was already alarmed by nobody being at the school to pick up Tony and herself and that they had to walk home alone when they were only 4 and 5 years old. And finally, as all the children born to our parents were near death drowned and at times daily. This I witnessed with my older brother; Danny and endured myself on too many occasions to count and of course my sister; Janet told me both she and Tony had endured this horrific trauma also.

Why am I talking about this globally organised satanic occult family and the highly suspicious death of one baby boy? Yet again we have this satanic occult doctor; Dr Epstein involved with the death of a 13-week-old baby boy. Brian Roy Farthing.

Please find ALL links to the atrocious behaviour of Dr Epstein that shocked every State and Territory in main stream newspapers, shocking to ALL Australians here

Here I need to say that my heart goes out to every parent who has lost a baby through cot death, (SIDS) in which of course the Cause of death is: .. .. Unknown.

To any new readers to my blog site, if you care to look at all my posts you will find this Dr Epstein’s name repeatedly mentioned with traumas, tortures, drugging’s and deaths.

If any readers to my blog site think this all happened too long ago to matter, then I respectfully ask that you read what I further encountered with another Victorian Doctor or Mr (Specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist) Claude Calandra in 1984. My married name was: Maureen Joan Marshall.

My first pregnancy and I was 22 years old and my treating Doctor was; Dr Claude Calandra. I need to add here that I very was anxious with my first pregnancy as I was the same age as my older sister; Janet Farthing who with her last pregnancy was murdered the day following “Winter Solstice” (major satanic occult religious celebration) in 1975. Not counting that during my own teenage years the many times my globally organised satanic occult religious family tried to get me pregnant, to sacrifice my firstborn baby to satan as is their religious custom. Readers please do not believe that the Brown family baby conceived through IVF in the UK in 1978 was the first baby to be conceived this way, the global organised occult religion have been conceiving babies through IVF for a long time, it is one of their many ‘Breeding Programmes’. Under sub-category: Experimental.

Elsewhere in this blog, I have stated that I prayed all throughout my childhood that this would never happen to me, as it did to my sister; Janet, and in this post, I again thank my Father in heaven through the Mercy of my Saviour; Christ Jesus that the global organised occult religion made up of the criminally insane never managed to get me pregnant.

As my own first pregnancy advanced under the ‘care’ of Dr Calandra I was sent for an ultra-sound in which the technician repeatedly said something was wrong and whenever I asked what was wrong she told me that I would need to ask my Doctor, and that she did not have the authority to tell me. Naturally I made a Doctor’s appointment immediately and the first question I asked was “what is wrong, what showed up on the ultra-sound?” Dr Calandra answered and told me nothing was wrong although I would need to increase my visits with him.

So, my anxiety increased as I knew I was being lied to. This was not how I wanted my first pregnancy, anxious and not knowing what was wrong. As my pregnancy progressed and the only movement I had in the womb was a small fist punching me in my right rib, I asked other pregnant women what they were experiencing with their babies, and they were all delighted to say that their babies were kicking and turning in their stomachs. Also, the problem with my baby only knocking me in my right rib caused a lot of pain due to the breaking of my own ribs at 8 days of age, (satanic occult religious practice for 8-day old baby girls) my ribs are calcified and even now at 55 years of age cause me pain. So now this was painful and I was very worried that I did not have full movement of my baby, turning etc. I knew there was something very wrong. Refer my Forensics Renee’s alternative forensic report

As my baby grew the anxiety increased, now every Doctor’s visit I was pleading with him to tell what was wrong with my baby, why I was only getting a small kick on my right ribs, why my baby wasn’t turning and moving very much and this Doctor kept telling me all was fine. By the time I was 8 months pregnant and in a lot of pain I also had a mild stroke, I believe this was due to the increasing anxiety and the fact that this Doctor kept lying to me.

When I did go into labour, I didn’t even know I was in labour as the pressure on all my internal organs from the pregnancy were causing severe cramping every day and night for the past several months. I thought my labour pains were just the everyday cramping and tried to walk them off for over 12 hours. I realised that I must be in labour as these cramps intensified. I finally went to the small Hospital in Sunshine, Victoria.

I deliberately chose a small maternity Hospital of approx 12 bed ward, which was previously a Private Hospital. I wanted nothing to do with the large State Hospitals with their basements and underground tunnels linked to the satanic occult religion and their underground Laboratories, Operating Theatres and especially their Birthing Chambers.

The nursing staff rang my Doctor many times and he did not show up for hours, then he did a painful internal examination and left the Hospital. The midwives rang him again as by this time they were starting to get very concerned for both myself and my baby. Dr Claude Calandra did finally come back to the Hospital in which he then went and sat in the staff room having cups of coffee whilst reading newspapers and only after the midwives told him that my baby was now in foetal distress, that I was in distress and that we both would die, then and only then he came back and said that my baby was breach with extended legs and that I would need an emergency caesarean section. He also said that he knew I would need a caesarean section since I had the ultra-sound 4 months prior to going into labour.

So, for 4 months this so-called Specialist lied to me saying my baby was fine, my pregnancy was fine and even tried to pass off my mild stroke as a migraine! I have suffered many migraines in my life but I have never had a migraine where one side of my body became paralysed, could not speak or even make a sentence and this alarmed the woman who was with me at the time. This happened when I was 8 months pregnant.

I was put under a full general anaesthetic with the caesarean section and when I woke up both staff and other patients came and told me how lovely my baby was. I was not even the first person to lay eyes on my son, strangers seen my newborn baby boy well before I did. I understood that the staff would see my newborn baby before me, but I was not happy that strangers could view my son before I, his mother did.

Further to my newborn baby son growing in breach position with extended legs in my womb, this also caused problems for him as well, he couldn’t even be laid out straight to be measured and under the care of a Paediatrician for the next year, as even his head was out of shape from growing this way. Only after a year were x-rays done and his hips and skull were said to be ok.

What should have been a joyful time in my adult life instead became a pregnancy of worry, anxiety and the near death of both my baby and myself. But Dr Claude Calandra was not finished with this whole traumatic pregnancy and birth, NO, he performs a caesarean section vertically on my stomach, not horizontal. He also used metal clamps instead of stiches that left more scarring and I also got staph infection from these. Why is the way he did this caesarean section unethical? Well this procedure had not been done to women in Australia since the 1950’s as the scar left a large indent running down and pulling in my whole stomach around it and left my whole stomach shaped like my bottom. I don’t think any woman would like to be disfigured this way.

After this I notified Medical Authorities, other Doctors and naturally when I decided to have my second child I told the new Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. For the next 16 years I kept telling other Doctors and any person who would listen, to NOT go anywhere near Dr Claude Calandra.

I repeatedly asked for this disfiguring scar to be attended to as even to go swimming I was self-conscious, wind blowing clothing against my stomach and showing the full outline of this disfigurement also made me self-conscious, but the Victorian State Government that had no interest in the butchery done to my stomach, also had no interest in providing me with corrective surgery, instead they told me it would be classed as cosmetic surgery! And so, Dr Claude Calandra was permitted by the Victorian State Government, Australasian Medical Association to keep practising medicine.

Now if you think 1984 is also too long ago as well to care about please read ALL links I have provided with this so-called Doctor/Specialist; Dr/Mr Claude Calandra.

Now we have a pattern of disgusting so-called medical treatment of Victorian Doctors to their patients, and yet our family pets get better treatment by Veterinarians. Maybe neither of these 2 Doctors I have mentioned have any direct bearing to your own life, here in Australia and so I bring into this post a third and final disgraceful Doctor/Specialist; Dr Andrew Churchyard.

Please read All links to Dr Andrew Churchyard.

This is only one of many doctors to further abuse my brother Daniel Farthing who has been a Ward of the State, Victoria now for the past 47 years.

Conclusion: The first Doctor I have named many times throughout this blog site; Dr Epstein was acquitted of all charges against him and was even promoted by the Victorian State Government to be a Doctor to decide if Victorians could even get motor vehicle accident compensation. By not only allowing this so-called Doctor to continue to practice and promote him, this has naturally lead the way for a ‘free for all’ of Victorian Doctors to abuse ANY Victorian and not be held responsible for disgusting behaviour and Unlawful Acts.

To ALL Victorians who have been abused in any way from just these 3 Doctors, you have my heartfelt sympathy. To ALL Victorians currently being abused by any Doctor/Specialist that the Victorian State Government continues to allow to practice medicine I also sympathise with you.

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