Australian New South Wales Government Abuses Of Child Sexual Abuse & SRA Victims

UPDATED 08/01/2015

I have now also sent by email to the below recipients and many are still enjoying “the festive season” with auto replies stating out of office until later this month. I have posted both emails sent by my full time Carer; Michael Mathews and I to many authorities about the continuation Government’s choosing to  ignore Child Sex Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Australia. Not to worry though, the ones still stuffing their faces and not attending to their well paid jobs have been sent this also by Australia Post Registered Mail….we have ALL the Australia Post Registered Mail receipts.

Renée Emmanuel (
Sent: Thursday, 8 January 2015 1:00:59 PM
To: NSW Premier (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; (; Hon Mason-Cox Minister for Fair Trading (; (; (; Steve Davies (; (; (; (; (
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As you can clearly see this email and attachment was sent to all of the above recipients on the 02/01/2015 by my full time Carer; Michael Mathews.
Some of these have been auto replied with the recipients out of office, so I have waited to send this email to you all as well, after the holiday period.

As you are aware in this email are recipients who have also had this sent by Australia Registered Mail.

I am sincerely hoping that someone in Authority does do something about this inhumane situation.
Over the past 8 years I have fought very hard for justice, not only for myself but other victims of crime, and quite frankly I am fed up with this ongoing crimes committed against Australians continuing to go unchecked, Ignored!

I will also be updating my blog:
about this subject that needs URGENT ATTENTION!

The United Nations Convention on Victims of Crime says when Governments ignore the Rights and Needs of Victims of Crime, Governments are committing the Crime known as; Political Violence.

We have not heard of any positive outcomes in relation to the recent UN meeting in Geneva in regards to “Torture”. Torture is a standard practice by Satanic Religious Offenders against Children.

Awaiting for this situation to be attended to quickly.

Yours sincerely,

Renée Emmanuel

Subject: Take notice of facts in relation to Persecution
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2015 16:04:37 +1100

Australian Governments are actively persecuting Child Abuse victims and their Carers in their efforts to continue the cover ups of widespread organised child abuse networks and satanic ritual abuse in Australia.

If you care for children please assist us with this grotesque problem.


Victims, Survivors, Carers are suffering Criminal Persecution from Police and other Government Agencies and Elected MP’s are ignoring these known facts.

Take notice of this statement of facts in relation to Persecution, Threats, Intimidation and Criminal Offenses against victims of Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse in the State of NSW Australia and other Australian States.

1. Dear NSW Premier and other recipients in positions of Authority and responsibility for the health, welfare and God given rights to natural justice for all NSW and AUSTRALIAN citizens and residents.

2. I have previously written to the NSW Premier Mike Baird, NSW Ombudsman and the NSW Fair Trading Minister in relation to these matters but all have failed to respond. I have also provided several internet links for all to reference but most links were quickly removed from internet access. The most recent letter to Premier Mike Baird:

3. Please inform me and all internet users how and why our right of internet access is being tampered with.

4. [a] In the interest of justice and your responsibilities please respond to my communications dated; 10 December 2014 and all previous correspondence.
NSW Ombudsman also needs to respond fully to all correspondence in the package hand delivered to Ombudsman’s office on; 17 April 2014 and all correspondence since. The Ombudsman’s office is also well aware that both of our cars had been vandalised at Riverside Holiday Park where we were living and they knew Forster police had refused to speak with witnesses. The Ombudsman’s office also knew our mail and registered mail was being intercepted, stolen, stopped at the residential park. The Ombudsman’s office also knew about the unsafe living conditions for the mostly elderly, disabled residents in the park. The Ombudsman’s office also knew about the park management was likely using forged signatures, falsified addresses on mail etc to obstruct residents from seeking justice.
The Ombudsman’s office also know the Forster police have continuously refused to assist us and all park residents in relation to all of the above matters and refused to allow us residents to give statements about criminal offences.
[b] The Ombudsman’s office and the police also refuse to address stolen Australia Post registered mail I sent to police whistleblower Detective Insp Peter Fox.                                   See
The Ombudsman’s office and NSW police continue to refuse to address all of these issues.
NSW victims of crime office have clearly stated that police MUST assist!!
[c] All Australian and NSW Parliaments, Authorities, Courts etc should be aware that Australia is a signature to the United Nations convention of the rights of victims of crime and ignoring or covering up the horrific crimes of ritual abuse and prolific child sexual abuse is an offence described as political violence.
[d] The NSW Ombudsman’s office, NSW Fair Trading and the Forster police also have a letter from the Australian Federal police stating that State police must deal with ”mail offences within each state” but they all refuse to deal with these very serious offences which can and does cause perversion of justice, fraud, even possible deaths.

5. NSW Ombudsman’s office complaintant Renée Emmanuel has appointed me as her power of Attorney, Carer and Nominee. Renée has asked me to request that the Ombudsman’s office also respond to information sent several years ago.
The continued failure to respond to matters of ritual abuse of Australian children is clearly allowing this gross child abuse to continue freely and grow.

6 [a] It is also well known that police and some Govt Officials are involved in covering up child sexual abuse and destroying documents of evidence. See: and… and
Former South Australia Speaker of the House of Parliament resigned after saying Govt Ministers and Journalists thwarted his attempt to help victims of SRA. Apparently Senator Bill Heffernan also made attempt to deal with SRA in the Australian Parliament.
See also Sydney Morning herald article by Gary Hughes 13/31991
Article in the Australian newspaper by Gosia Kabszubska 9/7/2004
Also see 60 Minutes program “The devil made me do it” late 1980s
Obviously you all need to take immediate action for our little children and also adults suffering SRA and sexual abuse.
[b] Internationally Satanic Ritual abuse is well known and sadly for our children and adults trapped in hidden networks is being taken more seriously in other countries but not Australia.
[c] See globally respected retired Senior FBI Agent
[d] The Bleeping Truth Interview with Ted Gunderson
[e] British MP Mr Geoffrey Dickens years-ago-850
[f] Savile and the 9th Circle
[g] Most likely there are thousands of internet evidence links and millions of people giving evidence on social media. Many Australians are providing evidence on social media, because, like myself they have been brushed off or abused by police, ignored by negligent Govt departments, ignored by mainstream media and ignored by party politicians.
[h] Renée Emmanuel and I have sent well over 1000 emails, letters etc but most parties never respond and the few who have responded have deliberately ignored the main issues.
[i] Only former Victorian Premier Ted Bailleau and Minister Mary Wooldridge MP have taken any positive action, by sending evidence to the Vic Police but the police never responded, but chose to ignore again. It appears to be obvious that our Parliamentarians are terrified of our nation’s police because they are clearly allowing police to Lord over them and all decent people.
[j] ABC news recently reported Mick Gatto as saying “A criminal record is good for business!” and yes this is no doubt true, because our Political Parties forming Government administrations are protecting criminals within their ranks and protecting the faceless men controlling political agendas. The chronic lack of transparency in politics and public services is rapidly destroying Australia’s moral backbone and justice system and you will not find a rational, honest Australian who would disagree.
[k] Federal Minister Jenny Macklin MP has also written recognising Renée Emmanuel to be a victim of SRA in Australia.

7. We have been contacted by numerous other Australian child abuse survivors, carers and concerned people who are doing difficult unpaid work, helping victims of CSA, SRA. These caring people have pointed out that Govt funded support groups, like CLAN and ASCA are obstructing child abuse survivors in their efforts for justice.
Gabrielle Phillip Short at Forgotten Australian Survivors on Facebook has given some details.
Other people have also supported her claims and are well aware that Govt agencies are largely not helping victims of child sexual and other abuses, especially satanic ritual abuse.
These Govt funded or Govt salaried employees are highly paid but victims and volunteers like myself are doing the majority of the work. See report by child abuse victim’s carer,

8. For example, Renée Emmanuel was rejected for NSW public housing, after she was rightfully approved as eligible by NSW housing staff.
Roma Price of Wesley Mission intervened and declared Renée ineligible saying “Renée is fully dependent on her carer, therefore it is her carer’s responsibility to provide her housing”.
Obviously I am Renée’s carer and my only income is my Disability Support Pension and a tiny carer’s allowance of $59 per week.
How can Roma Price justify her unjust, in fact inhumane decision, when she knows her claim is unlawful!
Renée and I have both been obstructed from gaining proper health care in NSW and Victoria due to our status as child abuse victims.
SRA victims and carers etc are often obstructed within health service and there is substantial evidence to provide to the High court of Australia.

9. Renée is disabled and permanently ill due to extreme child and adult abuse and it has cost me personally at least $100,000 over the years to care for, house her and protect her from her abusers. See Evidence and Forensics Victorian Premier Ted Bailleau and Minister Mary Wooldridge MP had this Evidence and Forensics examined and diligently sent to police but the police have never responded to Renée or her severely disabled brother [disabled due to severe child abuse].

10. I have also suffered threats from police in Victoria and from Renée’s lifelong abusers. Initially Detective Sgt Perham was hearing evidence from Renée at Mossman QLD and sent information and evidence to Victorian police sexual crimes unit. Detective Jason Lebesque was appointed to take charge of the investigation into horrific crimes against Renée and her brother Daniel.
Detective Lebesque informed Renée and I he would travel to Mallacoota Vic where we were camping hopefully far away from Renée’s SRA family and associates.
Renée had specifically requested the assistance of male police; due to the fact the women in her family had been the main people selling her to be abused by many men.
Without contacting Renée the Victorian police sent two female police to Mallacoota to begin taking Renée’s statement.

11. This was the first betrayal of trust Renée suffered from police.
Detective Lebesque had told Renée he estimated it would take at least two and a half weeks for him to take her statement at Mallacoota. He also said he would then follow through with forensics after taking her statement. He showed concern for Renée’s emotional wellbeing and asked me to do my best to help her stay calm.
Obviously when two female police arrived at Mallacoota to start taking Renée’s statement, she became very anxious.
The two female police spent barely a day and a half with Renée and left; saying they had to get back to Bairnsdale to play netball.

12. I offered to drive Renée to Bairnsdale and pay for motel accommodation so the police could complete taking her statement but they refused to do so and said the investigation had been handed over to Detective Benstead at Footscray police station. In the District where many abuse events took place against Renée and her older brother and sister.
Since that time Detective Benstead has never met Renée and has refused to meet her or complete taking her statement or carry out forensic as was first planned by Detective Lebesque.
Ultimately Detective Benstead threatened to charge me with false charges of obstructing a police investigation after I kept asking him to meet and speak with Renée.
After fleeing to NSW and asking for police help, they fabricated charges against me and this can be easily proven in a lawfully established court before a jury. I will address this matter later on in this letter.

13. We were having problems of our mail and Registered mail being intercepted, stolen etc, phones, emails hacked. Centrelink had also told Renée there were eight bank accounts in her name and she believes these accounts would have illegally set up by her mother. Police refused to help her or me with these and other crimes.
Evidence of threats and intimidation has been given to police but they ignore all complaints.
Since she gave a partial statement to Victorian police, she and I have been deliberately persecuted by some police and some public servants in Centrelink; i.e. Renée’s Statutory Declaration to Centrelink was removed from the Sale office and posted back to Renée from an area far away from Sale in Victoria. All evidence is available for the High court of Australia and the International court.

14. Pauline Carr has said she has also written to NSW Premier Mike Baird about her situation as a victim of terrible child abuse and the attacks against herself and her property since she began to seek justice. I have spoken at length with Pauline and have seen photos of evidence of the continuous attacks against her. Pauline has also had serious problems with healthcare and a doctor who may have tried to kill or permanently maim her.
Renée Emmanuel and I have had similar life threatening problems and evidence can be provided.

15. Nicky Davis, Forgotten Australians and I and others are encouraging each other and others to document their situations of unaddressed child abuse and the disgraceful behaviour of police and others involved.

16. I have been helping victims of child abuse for many years and only once found a policeman willing to assist victim. This is Detective Sgt Trevor Perham at Mossman Qld.
Please see the following link where Loving UK MP Mr Geoffrey Dickenson exposes widespread Satanic Ritual Abuse involving many people in High positions. Mr Dickens and numerous others have doggedly uncovered the facts about SRA and interconnected child sexual abuse CSA rings.

Information and evidence of SRA, CSA, is found in documented form throughout the world and it is undeniable that grotesque child abuse has been covered up by occult [hidden operatives] in our law enforcement, police, child protective services, justice systems, healthcare systems etc.
Secret societies such as Freemasons and others are well known for members to be involved in organised child abuse, ritual abuse and cover-ups of all forms of child abuse.
See also:… showing lists of freemason paedophiles, corrupt police, corrupt judges etc. at Independent Australia
See: “What’s wrong with the Legal system” ABC Counterpoint, Monday 24 May 2010
Google; “dr reina michaelson allegations” for information and evidence of SRA child sexual abuse and drug rings in Australia.
I have spoken with courageous Dr Reina Michaelson [formerly of UNHCR] and her mother and I am well aware of the fact that our police have also deliberately obstructed her efforts to help our currently abused children.
I am also aware that our police and others have engaged in criminal activity in order to harass, intimidate and silence Dr Michaelson and her courageous mother.
Apparently corrupt people made false allegations against Dr Michaelson in Victoria via a likely unlawful Tribunal.
[b] After attempting to give evidence to Forster police we suffered criminal attacks, abuse and intimidation. Two doctors have stated that the courageous police witness I care for has had a serious nervous breakdown due to approx two years of attacks against us both.
[c] I have tried to help stop the widespread abuse of our NSW children on several occasions but have been ignored, abused and refused to be given the opportunity to give statements to police.
[d] We know without doubt that at least some of the people making attacks against us are Freemasons and or Catholics. We believe at least some of the police involved in abuses and lawless behaviour against us and other child abuse victims/witnesses are also Freemasons and or Catholics.
Former policeman such as Inspector Fox and Dinny Ryan apparently know all about this Catholic/Freemason suspicions.
A former friend told me, face to face, that he would have to betray us because he is a Freemason, even though he had shown outrage at the covered up child abuse in NSW.
Like assassinated much loved US President John F Kennedy had said about the terrible danger to societies, secret societies are, it is now an obvious scourge to Australia.

17. Renée Emmanuel and I know this systematic harassment, intimidation, property damage, violence and false allegations and false police charges very well and we and other child abuse victims and victims of other crimes will need to document and present evidence to the High court in relation to chronic persecution by operatives within State and Federal Authorities and Govt departments.

18 [a] Leaders of Govt in Australia can immediately take action by establishing a fully independent commission for the protection of whistleblowers and victims of crime.
[b] Immediately abolish illegal hush clauses in all Govt employment contracts and department rules etc.
[c] Immediately establish a Ritual Abuse Task Force with no connections to any current serving police personnel. Italy has recently established such law enforcement, investigative unit.
[d] Enforce laws of Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse.
[e] Create laws banning any MP or public servant from public service eligibility.
[f] Immediately establish a lawful system of peoples Courts in accord with the Magna Carta and abolish the perverted, current unlawful courts system which clearly has been perverted by some judges, the legal profession.
[h] Immediately legislate the banning of any member of any secret society or group which compels its members to swear an oath of allegiance from being an MP, Senator or public servant.
Refer too:
[h] Many people, including children are dying in Australia due to SRA Torture, Rape, Murder. Due to the fact that our Parliaments continue to ignore this grotesque problem they are actually engaged in Political Violence against a specific section of Australian citizens and residents. See: Political Violence at: Refer to:
19. Recently Renée Emmanuel was aggressively followed by a police vehicle and two black four wheel drive vehicles in convoy. Why? Will the harassment and intimidation ever stop?
Debbie Buchanan, carer for SRA victims says she has been followed by unknown vehicles many times since starting this extremely difficult, dangerous work.
Debbie is preparing a detailed report of events since starting SRA Victim Carer work and a very brief draft report is at

20. The following addresses the unlawful false police charges against me and the corruption within the NSW Courts and Fair Trading Commission.
[a] Premier Mike Baird, Minister Matthew Mason-Cox and all Govt and Authority recipients of this letter need to inform us and the Australian public, whether any of the people or Govt officers, public servants etc involved in this matter are members of the Freemasons or any other secret society which compels it’s members to swear under threat of punishment to lie, cheat or deceive or do any act or omit to do any act for the benefit of the society and its members.
[b] Quite obviously, any person who has sworn such an unlawful oath cannot be trusted to be an honest person and certainly cannot be trusted to give evidence in any Court or Tribunal.
Obviously no such person can be trusted as a Member of Parliament or a public service officer of any kind.
[c] It is impossible for a member of Parliament who has sworn an affirmation or on the Holy Bible to be loyal to the Australian people, who are the Government, and also swear loyalty to any society made up of separate individual members, having their personal desires being paramount above the human needs and best interest of the collective of the Australian people.
Therefore these members of Parliament or public services have actually sworn in a false pretence manner to be loyal to the Australian people. Obviously false pretence is an offence!

21. Currently Renée Emmanuel, myself, Debbie Buchanan and an unknown number of Child Abuse victims, Carers and loving Australian supporters are being constantly hacked on social media and Mr Baird, Mr Abbott and all Authorities are lawfully obliged to stop this illegal activity. Sadly at this stage, this situation is also being ignored.
22. The following are letters sent to the Forster Court by Registered Mail and because the NSW Police and NSW Ombudsman refuse to speak with me or communicate with me in any way, I need to request NSW Premier Baird and Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s assistance in finding out whether my Registered Mail did actually reach the Forster Court. As is previously stated we have had many issues with stolen or intercepted Registered Mail which Police refuse to address. Letters dated 17.06.2014 and 4.07.2014.




1. (a). I moved into Riverside Holiday Park at the beginning of August 2012.
(b). Park Owner Michael Scott said the Park had previously had serious problems with dogs in the Park but failed to inform us that the 2 dwellings opposite us were the main problem areas.

2. Our knowledge of extensive child abuse is the reason why police refuse to assist us.
(a). I contacted Forster Police early 2013 and told them we could assist them with extensive evidence about organised child sexual abuse and other abuses!
(b). Police said they would send a Detective to visit us.
(c). Police rang back and cancelled visit. Why?
(d). I sent a Registered Letter to Detective Inspector Peter Fox. This letter was obviously intercepted, stolen at Raymond Terrace Police Station.

3. (a). We made no complaints about the 2 ARPRA Representatives barking, biting dogs for quite a few months because we heard one of the dog owners had lost their spouse – maybe grieving!
(b). Eventually we had to request dog owners to control dogs.
(c). Met with abuse from Bob McKay, 1 of the dog owners.
(d). Emailed Ranger and he tried to speak to Robin Ryan, she saw him coming and went inside and shut the door and refused to answer when the Ranger knocked on her door!
(e). Dog situation went on out of control. The dogs trying to bite not only us but other people and children as well. Constant barking!
(f). Park Management issued warning notices to dog owners.
(g). Dog owners became aggressive and abusive.
(h). Bob McKay targeted Renée Emmanuel especially.

4. (a). Park Manager; Di Scott strongly requested that I become a Park Committee Member.
(b). She said she wanted assistance to pacify Bob McKay’s negative trouble making influence on the Park Committee. ARPRA Representatives Bob McKay was President of Park Committee and Robin Ryan was Secretary.

5. Committee had election and I became a Committee Member. Dianne Smith became Secretary.

6. Bob McKay became more aggressive, especially towards Renée Emmanuel.

7. 5 days after I became a Committee Member Renée Emmanuel’s car was seriously vandalised. This was on the 3rd October 2013 and photos are available.

8. I went to the Nabiac Police and was told to contact Forster Police and they would do photos and forensics.

9. Constable Wiseman of Forster Police did nothing and said “Leave the Park”. Why? Police refused to assist from the beginning!

10. (a). Soon after in October 2013, Park Management began harassment, threats, intimidation, threatening letters and false claims.
(b). Park Management also began targeting Brian Mooney after he and us had spoken about Health and Safety Issues at Park Meeting.
(c). Targeted us with False Claims about car parking and carports.
(d). No previous complaints for 14 months and 6 years in Brian Mooney’s case.
(e). No other Residents were targeted!
(f). Extortion to gain property by threats by Park Management. Police refuse to assist again!

11. (a). Park Management along with ARPRA assistance took us to Tribunal 18/12/13.
(b). Tribunal Mediator questioned ARPRA Representatives; David Potter etc about their motivations at the Mediation of which they had nothing to do with and they withdrew.
(c). Park Management resiled from False Accusations and withdrew Tribunal Complaint 08/01/14.

12. As Committee Members and Residents Dianne Smith (Secretary) and myself write to Park Management asking them to sit down peaceably and discuss Park Issues, especially Health and Safety, lack of Fire Services etc.

13. Park Management refused to respond.

14. Park Management continued harassment and intimidation.

15. 24th December 2013. Sound recording of ARPRA people etc planning to do harm to us and our property.

16. (a). We wrote to Police Commander Thurtell about escalation of danger to ourselves.
(b). Police fail to arrive.

17. (a). Bob McKay’s dog bites another person.
(b). Residents say that dogs have bitten several people.
(c). Park Management, Ranger, Police ignore dogs biting people.
(d). We had previously made requests to ARPRA to assist with the dog problems of their Representatives; Bob McKay and Robin Ryan.
(e). ARPRA did not respond.

18. Great Lakes Council said “take legal action about dogs if Park Management refuses to assist”.

19. (a). Contacted Council 4th and 9th January 2014 about problems, especially No Fire Services, Public Lighting etc.
(b). Council did not respond.
(c). 7th March 2014 Council Representative said he would arrange a date to meet with the Residents.
(d). Council Representative fails to do so!

20. Park Management, Council, Police ALL refuse to speak about potential Life Threatening situation of No Viable Fire Services, possible dangerous LPG Gas Connections etc raised by Residents at Park Meetings.

21. (a). Elderly woman in potential danger from biting dogs. I try and speak with the dog owners.
(b). I cannot stalk a person when I cannot even see them after calling out to 2 different people.
(c). Bob McKay attacks me!
(d). Obvious defence situation to grab arms to stop attack.
(e). If assault was intended a punch is far more effective.
(f). Expecting Police to arrive after correspondence with Commander Thurtell.
(g). Police fail to act again.

22. (a). 3 Residents make an appointment with Sergeant McDougal requesting to make statements.
(b). Sergeant McDougal agrees but rings back and cancels himself out and says see Mick Cartwright on the 24/02/14 but he refuses to take statements.
(c). My vehicle is also badly vandalised and Police do nothing again!

23. (a). Park Management Intercept, Stop, Steal our mail.
(b). Policeman Matthews says being investigated.
(c). Police fail to investigate.
(d). Other Residents request to speak to Police and wait a couple of hours but Police fail to turn up again! (Dianne Smith and Erika Perkins).

24. Police lie to NSW Housing.

25. Several visits to Police Station, but Police do nothing.

26. Write to Local MP about Police negligence and dereliction of duty.

27. (a). Police become enraged at being exposed and fabricate false assault matter against me.
(b). This was 41 days after the alleged event.
(c). 3 of us Residents had previously made complaints about this matter and requested to make statements to Police.
(d). Police Refuse! Again refer 22.

28. ARPRA has sent letters containing false allegations and threats and cancelling memberships, yet they are legally obliged to assist Residents!
1. There are ongoing issues about ARPRA’s involvement in many Residential Parks. Many people are obviously angry after being deceived and even cheated by ARPRA’s secret dealings with at least some Park Owners. Other Residents’ Groups are investigating what they believe is corruption.

2. The ARPRA Representatives are desperate.

3. Why are Police actively assisting people known to be deceiving and cheating Residents?

4. Park Management, supported by ARPRA has used forged signatures and has sent NCAT Tribunal to fictitious addresses, but we have no Police assistance again!

5. ARPRA will ultimately be exposed and they will most likely also come under I.C.A.C. Investigations. NSW Ombudsman’s office contacted us today and said we should contact the I.C.A.C. about suspicions of ARPRA CORRUPTION published in major newspapers but we believe Police should also address this.

6. Apparently there have been threats, harassment, intimidation and possible violence also in other Residential Parks.

Michael Mathews
Friday, 4 July 2014



I, Michael Mathews need to inform the Forster Magistrates Court that my Solicitor, Michael Jones has recently sent me a letter saying that he refuses to use the evidence that I have provided to him on the 7th May 2014 at the Forster Courthouse and the further evidence I have provided to him before and after the Court date 18th June 2014.
I had requested Michael Jones, Solicitor so that I could speak with him about all of the matters needed for my defence, but he did not respond to my requests and has still not allowed me to meet and speak with him.
All of this time has been wasted and I have not been given the opportunity to speak with my Solicitor at all. Therefore I have been refused the opportunity to put together a proper defence. My Solicitor has said the only defence he has prepared to use is that Bob McKay called me out. Obviously in order to create mischief and to either beat me up in company with his friends or to set me up for false charges.
Therefore I have no option but to begin preparing my own defence and if possible find a decent Solicitor willing to deal with the whole truth.
My Solicitor, Michael Jones has stated that if the truth of all of the events leading up to the false charges against me are mentioned in the Forster Court, this would cause angst to the Court. If truth would cause angst to the Court this means that he feels that the Court would feel fearful or even guilt, anxiety and dread in relation to simple truth.
Therefore the only way to have the matter heard in a fair and open manner is to have the matter heard before a jury in a Higher Court.
I request that his matter be heard before a jury in a Higher Court, so that the whole truth can be heard.
Shortly before this event we had written to Commander Thurtell requesting Police Assistance because we had heard Bob McKay, June Bebb, Alan and Maureen Townley, Robin Ryan and Aaron and Karen Tait talking only a few metres away from our dwelling. They were talking about doing harm to us, myself and Renée Emmanuel, doing damage to Renée Emmanuel’s vehicle and to our property, such as running a truck through our property and using petrol.
We sound recorded these conversations because we were very fearful of what these people were talking about. The sound recording was taken from our kitchen window ledge.
Bob McKay had been threatening and abusive to myself and Renée Emmanuel over the previous months.
Bob McKay harassed and intimidated Renée Emmanuel on several occasions when he knew she was on her own and we had previously told the Forster Police about this threatening behaviour. Renée Emmanuel’s car had already been badly vandalised but the Forster Police had refused to investigate and told us that we should leave the Park. We told the Forster Police that we wanted to leave Riverside Holiday Park due to the terrible circumstances we were in, but we had nowhere else to go.
The transcript of the sound recording of the planned attacks against ourselves has been certified by a Justice of the Peace after she carefully listened to the recording. Voices are identifiable on the recording, especially Bob McKay’s voice.
We were very fearful of further attacks against ourselves and wrote to Commander Thurtell requesting Assistance and sent him a copy of the transcription of the sound recording. Commander Thurtell wrote back saying he would send Constable Wiseman to see us again, but Constable Wiseman never arrived.
I wrote again to Commander Thurtell informing him that Constable Wiseman had not arrived. We believe that if the Police had of attended to this matter and spoken to Bob McKay and the other people making plans against us then this would have put a stop to further aggression to us and the further property damage that did subsequently occur when my car was also seriously vandalised.
Without a doubt if the Forster Police had of followed through as Commander Thurtell had said in his letter all further attacks against ourselves would have stopped.
The Riverside Holiday Park Management had also been threatening us and making false allegations and after informing the Forster Police nothing was done to assist us.
Our situation was so horrific and Renée Emmanuel’s Doctor was well aware of the constant attacks against us and completed a Medical Assessment Form for NSW Housing in which he wrote; that her life is in danger due to the ongoing situation in the Park and he was concerned that she would die. I showed this Doctors Report to Forster Police and they said “we have to get out of the Park immediately, as was recommended by Constable Wiseman and other Forster Police”.
NSW Housing had simply asked for Police to telephone them confirming that our situation in the Park was dangerous and NSW Housing understood this after seeing photos of our severely damaged vehicles etc, but the Forster Police refused to make this phone call and this left us stuck in the same dangerous situation. We had applied for alternative accommodation.
We were so desperate; we were willing to pay 2 lots of rent just to get ourselves out of the situation.
We then left the Park in desperation and went to Sydney and after NSW Housing had seen our documents and photos of our severely damaged vehicles etc, they supplied us with short term emergency housing and again the Forster Police interfered with our opportunity to gain proper housing and lied to NSW Housing; saying we had only ever made 1 complaint to the Forster Police. We then gave further documents to NSW Housing proving that we had made many attempts for assistance from Forster Police and we were given further emergency accommodation.
We went to the Ombudsman’s Office and gave them a large package of information involving evidence of widespread organised child abuse, the years of problems we’d had with the failures by Police to assist us in relation to criminal matters against us both and the more recent problems we’d had with the negligence and refusal by Forster Police to assist us whilst suffering criminal attacks at Riverside Holiday Park. The Ombudsman Office said that Senior NSW Police would normally contact us due to our situation, but they did not contact us.
We had our mail intercepted, stolen and stopped at Riverside Holiday Park and Australia Post have provided evidence of this, the Forster Police have never done anything to assist us with this either. Australia Post has written to us stating that it is the Duty of the Police to address our mail problems and Federal Police had given us a letter stating that it is the Duty of State Police to deal with mail offences in their States.
We are currently provided with a temporary place of refuge by other victims of crime that we met through the Royal Commission into child abuse. Although we are still stuck paying rent at Riverside Holiday Park.
1. Letter to Forster Police dated 03.01.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
2. Letter from Commander Thurtell dated 13.01.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
3. Letter from Michael Mathews dated 23.04.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor. This letter was also hand delivered to Premier Mike Baird’s Office along with Commander Thurtell letter dated 13.01.14 and my letter dated 23.04.14, and letter by email from Premier Mike Baird all these letters given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
4. Letter to Premier Mike Baird from Michael Mathews and Renée Emmanuel dated 26.04.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
5. Letter from Stephanie Joy Calabornes dated 04.05.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
6. Letter to Commander Thurtell from Renée Emmanuel dated 05.06.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
7. Letter to Forster Court from Michael Mathews dated 17.06.14 given to Michael Jones Solicitor.
8. Letter from Dianne Smith Resident of Riverside Holiday Park dated 02.07.14.
9. Photos of criminally vandalised vehicles belonging to myself and R Emmanuel.

There are numerous other letters in relation to myself trying to deal peaceably with ARPRA and ARPRA Representatives, Bob McKay was the President of ARPRA and as far as I know is currently Vice President.
This is what happened on the day that Bob McKay tried to attack me.
On the 15th February at Axemans Road, Riverside Holiday Park Bob McKay called out to me, Michael Mathews saying he wanted to talk to me. I was inside my unit at the time and I called out just a minute I will put some shoes on.
Another male voice called out “you won’t need your shoes”.
I put my thongs on and went outside hoping that Bob McKay genuinely wanted to speak about the long term problem of his and Robin Ryan’s barking and biting dogs.
The Park Management had previously instructed Bob McKay and Robin Ryan to put barking control collars on their dogs and their dogs were often running loose and are known to have bitten a number of people. And have attacked children and myself and Renée Emmanuel, whom I am full time Carer for.
Bob McKay and Robin Ryan had chosen again to remove the barking control collars from their dogs.
I went outside and stood about a metre away from Bob McKay and I said, “good, we can talk about this problem”. Bob McKay responded “piss off I’m not talking to you”. I responded “oh no, you’re not going to run inside and shut the door again, are you”? “Like you have previously done”.
Maureen and Alan Townley yelled out several times “hit him Bob, hit him Bob” meaning for Bob McKay to hit me. David Potter began walking towards me and stood behind me, therefore I was surrounded by these 4 people.
Bob McKay became enraged and with both arms he lunged forward to my neck, throat region and fortunately I was able to grab hold of both his arms instantly and pushed his arms down away from my neck.
Fortunately Bob McKay immediately stopped his aggression. This occurred in only a second or two; it was very quickly over with.
David Potter screamed out several times “you pushed him” and I replied “I did not push him, I only stopped him from assaulting me”. David Potter then screamed out several times “hit me, hit me, hit me” and as I was surrounded making it difficult to walk away I said, “only in self defence, I will not hit you”.
Renée Emmanuel, who was still in her pajamas having been very ill again that day and I had been tending to her needs, came off our verandah and called out, “you are all liars, and you are all lying”.
The mob surrounding me seem to panic when they heard this and took off quickly with Alan Townley commenting to Renée Emmanuel “I didn’t say anything”. Like a child caught out behaving naughty.
Fortunately there was no harm done to Bob McKay, Michael Mathews or the rest of the mob, but it had a huge impact on Renée Emmanuel who had been threatened and intimidated regularly by Bob McKay for several months.
This compounded more stress and anxiety for Renée Emmanuel who is also a person with disabilities and severe complex post traumatic stress and serious life threatening permanent illnesses. Of course after this attempted attack against myself, I as a person with disabilities of permanent severe spine injury, leukaemia and almost immobile as walking is very difficult. I also have ongoing post traumatic stress after many years of helping victims of severe child abuse who have not received any justice. This compounded trauma made our own illnesses much harder to deal with.
Both myself and Renée Emmanuel in relation to damages incurred to ourselves whilst undergoing many months of criminal attacks against ourselves and our Psychologist has said she can be available to give evidence for the Court.
Dianne Smith’s letter shows the time frames of events that have occurred in relation to the ARPRA Representatives secretly working against its members in concert with the Park Management.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Mathews
23. My Court appointed duty solicitor, Michael Jones refused to use the comprehensive evidence I provided to him and refused to interview me and my witnesses. I had also asked him to report on my behalf that I had been again abused, threatened and intimidated by police witness, David Potter and Dianne Scott whilst retrieving Renée Emmanuel’s and my personal belongings at the residential park and report to the police that his letter to me was most likely stolen at the park office, but he refused to assist me.
He also refused to request my court matter be heard before a jury as I instructed in writing. I requested Michael Jones send me a copy of the police brief in writing by email and registered mail, but he failed to do so. I also rang his office and requested a copy of the police brief and he failed again to send it to me.Ultimately I requested in writing by Registered mail that Michael Jones send to me my complete file but he refused again to send it to me. This was months ago and until this day I have never seen my police brief or my file of evidence etc. Solicitor Michael Jones has clearly obstructed my right to achieve justice.
24. The Forster court failed and refused to allow me my Constitutional right to have my court matter heard before a jury. Apparently the Forster police had claimed I said there was a conspiracy against me, but I had said the false charges against me are politically motivated. It turns out though, the police were correct and their actions combined with the courts actions and the court solicitors’ actions do demonstrate a conspiracy.
25. What was and is still happening in parallel with this situation is the fact that the Forster police were assisting the Riverside Holiday park owner and manager by refusing to investigate my stolen, intercepted, stopped Registered mail and ordinary mail. Mr Ward Kenny of Australia Post Securities had provided numerous pieces of evidence proving his claim that my Registered mail was often stolen or intercepted at its point of delivery. This evidence can be provided for the High Court. Forster Police also refused to investigate mail tampering offences to Renée Emmanuel and other park residents. Police also refused to take statements from us park residents in relation to criminal damage to property, criminal assault, criminal threats and intimidation to Renée, Dianne Smith and myself. Police and the local Council also refused to deal with the potentially life threatening issues at the crowded residential park.
The NSW Fair Trading Commission and the CTTT, NCAT were also sent all of the information and evidence about the above matters but they also refused to deal with any of the matters and allowed the park owner and manager to continue to breach Tribunal orders thus allowing offences against the park residents to continue and allowed the mostly elderly and disabled, ill residents to remain helpless in life endangering situations. Fair Trading has also allowed the park management to continue grossly overcharging the mostly poor residents far more site fees rent than other comparable low grade residential parks and this is way out of step with recent precedents set at the CTT or NCAT Tribunals. See: and the letter to NSW premier Mike Baird and NSW Fair Trading minister Matthew Mason-Cox at:
Renée, myself and Dianne Smith also suffered written attempts by the Park management to extort our residential properties from us and the police and Fair Trading also ignore these written criminal threats.
The NSW Premier and Fair Trading Minister also need to explain how and why did so called Doctor Gary Martin of commercial business ARPRA become a member of the Fair Trading Advisory Board and his refusal to assist paid up members of ARPRA and cancel park residents paid memberships, when they requested ARPRA’s assistance. As far as us park residents know, ARPRA has been given a large NSW Govt Grant to assist park residents but they have refused to perform their duty. Keep in mind the fellow who gave false evidence to police, claiming I pushed him is an ARPRA representative and local president.
26. Two other unaddressed Child Abuse victims and I then began to contact other solicitors and two NSW Law firms showed interest and stated that my court matter should be heard in Sydney due to the obvious suspicious behaviour of the Forster police, the court, the duty solicitor and the connections with likely Freemasons etc. Ultimately one of the Child Abuse victims contacted Mr John Greville who she had met at the Child abuse Royal Commission in Sydney and Mr Greville offered to assist me as my legal advocate. He told me on the phone he would arrange for Barrister, Bill Barber in Sydney to represent me in court. Mr Greville told me is an Ex NSW Detective and obviously I was very pleased, believing he would have great knowledge of the justice system and that he and barrister Bill Barber would be able to easily resolve my ridiculous, corrupt court matter. Mr Greville told me Mr Barber is a brilliant barrister and that he liked helping the underdog.
27. Mr Greville told me he would get my file and police brief from my obstructive, solicitor Mr Jones. He also told me he would contact the Forster court and the Forster police and have the court hearing for September 4, 2014 adjourned for 60 days and arrange for me Renée Emmanuel and other witnesses to meet and speak with barrister Bill Barber at his office in Sydney. Mr Greville told me that Mr Barber would thrash the lying police witnesses in the witness box because he understood the charges against me were fabricated and he knew some of the witnesses had handwritten different stories about the alleged events and had signed these different stories. Mr Greville also knew we had a JP certified sound recording of the false witnesses making threats outside our home about doing harm to Renée and myself and doing harm to our property, cars etc. Ultimately both of our cars were badly damaged and their threats to “get us” came to fruition with false charges and other proven false allegations written to us and Dianne Smith who had also been verbally threatened and intimidated by the park owner, park manager and 2 of the crooked police witnesses. We had managed to flee the residential park but longsuffering Dianne Smith is still at the park and is still suffering threats, intimidation and abuse by these cowardly crooks.
28. We have all the emails of evidence from Mr Greville about his contacts with the court and police etc. As I said, it was very pleasing knowing Mr Greville and Mr Barber would be able to easily fix the mess of corruption. Renée and I had been extremely ill on top of our normal disabilities from child abuse and Renée had a complete nervous breakdown due to the further stresses of corruption and being forced into homelessness again. I hoped she may improve a little knowing Mr Greville and Mr Barber were helping us but she never trusted Mr Greville and sadly she was proven to be right.
29. I emailed Mr Greville and asked him if it would be OK if we urgently go to visit another embattled Child Abuse victim, Pauline Carr and assist her if we can because she is 68 years old and stuck on her own, suffering terrible abuse, threats, intimidation and property damage and again the NSW police are not helping her. I asked Mr Greville if we can help Pauline Carr at Mudgee and then be able to travel by train to see Mr Barber in Sydney because train travel is far easier and far less painful for both Renée and I than cramped car travel. I estimated that we could get to Sydney approx early to mid September knowing we had a 60 day court adjournment from the 4th September and Mr Barber emailed back and this timeframe would be fine.
30. Embattled, persecuted Riverside Holiday Park resident rang me on the afternoon of the 4th September 2014 and told me she heard the Forster police noisily bragging that I had been convicted in absence at the Forster court and fined that day. She also said they were bragging that there was a warrant out for my arrest. Obviously we were totally shocked because an adjournment was in place. I rang Mr Greville and he sounded angry and he said the police prosecutor must be playing games and I said to him I believe the court must also be playing games, but he did not comment. Mr Greville then said, leave it to me, I will fix this! And he sounded quite determined. I received a court notice in the mail and a fine so I contacted Mr Greville and he asked us to send him a copy by email, which we did.
31. A while later Mr Greville told me he had contacted Barrister Bill Barber and was going to his office that Thursday afternoon to organise with Mr Barbers help an Annulment of the conviction and fine due to the improper police/court behaviour. I was again very pleased with this because it shows evidence of illegal behaviour between the court, police and my former untrustworthy solicitor. We do have all dates, emails etc involved in this bizarre matter. Eventually Mr Greville rang whilst I was driving Renée to hospital and because I was driving and Renée is more competent with modern technology, PCs etc she spoke with him and sent him my Identification Centrelink cards etc to him by phone. Mr Greville said he was at the Sydney court with Mr Barbers understudy Catherine Lyn at that time and barrister needed the information straight away. Renée did this for Mr Greville and he also asked her to email info when she arrived back at our refuge farm house later that day, which she did.
32. Again I was very pleased with this because finally my court conviction Annulment was being completed, or so I was lead to believe. Mr Greville had also contacted the Riverside Holiday Park management in regards to their constant illegal blocking of the sale of the onsite caravan I had purchased as a place of refuge for Renée because the system does not assist victims of satanic ritual abuse in any way. For months I had not received any demand letters claiming I must pay the unlawfully gotten court fines, so I assumed the Annulment done by Mr Greville and Barrister Bill Barber was officially completed and neither Bill Barber nor John Greville have informed me otherwise.
33. The last contact I received from Mr Greville was well after the Annulment day at the Sydney court and his email was very confusing, speaking about a possible hearing at the Forster court. I was baffled by this and told him clearly by return email, that if there is any further need for court matters they must be dealt with at the Sydney court as strongly recommended by two other law firms and common sense tells us that neither the Forster court or police can be trusted in any way as Mr Greville and Bill Barber are well aware. I also pointed out to him that it is not safe for Renée or I to be in the Forster district because of the bleeding obvious desperation of the ARPRA false witnesses, the desperate Park management because they were caught out for their criminal offences and the desperation of the Forster police being caught out for refusing to assist victims of crime, fabricating evidence, lying to the NSW Ombudsman, assisting criminal actions by others, lying to NSW Housing, stopping us 2 disabled people from gaining emergency housing etc etc the list goes on!!! I also informed Mr Greville that travelling to Forster is now far too painful for Renée and I by car due to our further exacerbated disabilities and the police assault on myself. I also informed him that Renée’s sister had been murdered due to her attempts to help Renée escape from her occult family and associates and any attempt to be in a district known to be covering up these horrific crimes would be clearly foolhardy.
34. Renée Emmanuel has written to police commander Thurtell on several occasions offering to assist police with information and evidence about the organised child abuse crimes and I have offered to assist NSW police several times but we have been ignored for several years, then ultimately criminally persecuted by NSW police like is also occurring to other child abuse victims, carers etc as previously mentioned in this letter.
35. After giving instructions to Mr Greville to also follow through with his written ultimatum to the Riverside Holiday Park management to take legal action against them also for what he wrote to them about their criminal offences against Renée and myself. I made it clear that he should take action against them and the police etc. Since that time I have not heard from Mr Greville or Bill Barber and it appears that Mr Greville has cancelled his email contact altogether. It is now obvious that Mr Greville and possibly Mr Barber have not been genuine in their efforts to assist Renée or myself with these bizarre issues of serious corruption and persecution of disabled child abuse victims trying to help the thousands of child abuse victims in Australia.
36. Mr Greville had also previously asked Renée and I to meet with him and his business partner Peter to give them information and evidence relating to Renée’s child abusing family and their connections with the Salvation Army. At that time we only knew Mr Greville was involved in Advocacy services for victims of child abuse and an investigations service. I had reminded him in emails that we wanted to meet with and assist him with information and evidence but he did not respond, which effectively cancelled our meeting. Later on we found through news articles that Mr Greville is or was also an Investigator with the Salvation Army child abuse matters, yet why did he not follow through with our meeting. Refer:
37. Mr Greville has betrayed us and potentially many child abuse victims and left me stranded with what now looks like his false pretences of assisting me with the bizarre corrupt behaviour of the Forster police, the Forster court, the court duty solicitor, the Riverside Holiday park management, ARPRA and the corrupt, negligent Fair Trading. CTTT/ NCAT. Also keep in mind that the Fair Trading Ministers brother provided evidence to embattled Dianne Smith and the Port Stephens residents group for the NCAT and everyone remains silent on this issue as well. The corruption and negligent in NSW is mindboggling!! The NSW Premier and Parliament need to explain if John Greville is still working with the NSW Ombudsman’s office and or the NSW police. News articles have said John Greville has some kind of working relationship with Justice McClelland and this also needs to be explained and ABC news articles say John Greville is a Salvation Army Child Abuse Investigator, this also needs to explained publically.
38. I have now recently received a letter of demand from NSW State Debt Recovery about the unlawfully gained court fine at Forster. Everyone knows this was an illegally generated fine but no one including the Premier, Senior police, Ombudsman etc has got the courage to speak openly. Everyone is hiding in the shadows, when the bleeding obvious is staring them in the face!!
Mr Premier and all MP’s need to wake up to the fact that corrupt police appear to be in charge in NSW and the Parliament is either too fearful of the police and allied corrupt public servants to take lawful action or the parliament as a collective simply does not care about the rights and welfare of the people of NSW.
Children are currently suffering horrific occult religious ritual abuse in NSW and around AUSTRALIA and many other children are suffering from organised child abuse which is being ignored by Governments. SBS Insight program a number of years ago made it quite clear child sexual abuse is going on throughout the suburbs of Australia and expert witnesses confirmed this on the program and the child sexual abuse Royal Commission does not address the majority of child sexual abuse. All caring people have learned that the Royal Commission does not address widespread satanic religious child abuse which is historically the roots of grotesque child sexual abuse and child sacrifice.
39. Many child abuse victims in NSW and VIC have stated that they cannot find Solicitors that are willing to tell the whole truth of their abuses and report that Solicitors are often taking the lion’s share of compensation monies. Victims such as; ourselves and Pauline Carr have had extensive problems with Solicitors failing to act in the best interest of their clients and Pauline has said she was also deceived by John Greville and others. It has become obvious that it is impossible to obtain justice for victims of child abuse and victims of other serious crimes in NSW; therefore we are appealing to Premier Mike Baird and Prime Minister Tony Abbott and their respective Parliaments to have all of our matters heard at the High Court of Australia.
40. Obviously I will not be able to pay the illegally gained fines, demanded to be paid by the Office of State Revenue because it is well known that the fines were generated illegally and of course in my position as carer for victims of SRA child abuse I am also involved in providing food and shelter for other victims and currently also a victim’s carer and her young teenage son. Currently victim Renée Emmanuel and I have been financially caring for and providing for other abuse victims etc and our only income is our Disability Pensions. The only reason we have been compelled to financially help other people is because NSW Government Departments and Police have grossly abused these people and they had to abandon their home and their Centrelink incomes had been interfered with by NSW Public Servants. This has left us in the untenable situation of doing the work of multiple Government Agencies whose employees are highly paid. We had been living in a virtual siege situation imposed on us by public service corruption and negligence and our phones, computers, modems and social media continues to be interfered with.
41. This letter will be sent by Registered Mail and where possible by email to; Premier Mike Baird, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, NSW Chief Magistrate, the Office of NSW State Revenue, the Speaker of the NSW Parliament, the Speaker of the Australian Parliament, the NSW Attorney General, the Commonwealth Attorney General, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, NSW Fair Trading Minister and others will receive this letter by email.
We invite all Child abuse victims, carers, activists and families etc to copy this letter and attach their own information about their abuses and negligence or abuses by any public services to them and also send to Premier Mike Baird, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and other Politicians, MP’s etc in order to demand humane action be taken for victims of Child Abuse.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Mathews
Renée Emmanuel
Deborah Buchanan

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