Persecution Of Another Escapee From CSA SRA

The last post of an email addressed to the NSW Premier and Minister for Fair Trading and others mentioned how both myself and my full time carer are helping another escapee from Child Sex Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse, along with his full time carer and her teenage son. This email dated 10th December 2014 can be found here

We have not received any replies to our email nor have we received any help with assisting these 3 victims who have fled from New South Wales Australia.

Both my full time carer and I are only on disability incomes, which on their own barely support 2 adults, and we have been financially paying for over 6 weeks for 4 adults and a teenager.

This man has been brutalised from infancy, continuing throughout his life.

Today’s post below; describes in brief his recent inhumane treatment and a few of the many abuses his carer has suffered.

Phillip John Williams/Adams worked for Criminal Justice Program for House with No Steps.
Phillip John Williams/Adams was assigned to Dean Henry as his Key worker. (Key worker is a staff member specifically to oversee the individuals “client” every day living and medical needs).
Once Dean moved in with me (Deborah Buchanan) things were going really well for Dean, Dean was not taking drugs and was emotionally settled. Dean was feeling calm and happy. Only after Phillip Williams began taking Dean out of our home did things take a change for the worst. Nearly on every occasion Dean left home with Phil Williams, Dean returned in a psychotic mental state.
Once Dean returned from being with Phillip; Dean’s mental state was that of a young child something I had never witnessed with Dean before, Dean walked up to me and showed me his undies and said look there’s blood in my undies, when I asked Dean what caused this he became verbally aggressive and so I did not question Dean anymore about it.
I noticed on a number of occasions after this one incident that Dean’s underwear continued to have blood stains on them. Dean told me it was due to piles (hemorrhoids).
On many occasions whilst Dean went off with Phillip Adams, Phillip would pick Dean up from our home and Phillip would take Dean straight to a drug house to score.
Once Phillip talked Dean into stealing from my credit card $900. This was done at Michael Hill Jewelers in Dapto New South Wales. My credit card was signature only and was snapped in half and had only my name on it. The jewellery store accepted my card in 2 pieces! Dean managed to purchase a $900.00 ring and then return the ring for a refund and have the money placed into Dean’s own personal bank account. Obviously this had to have been pre planned by Phillip and possibly the staff at Michael Hill Jewelers in Dapto New South Wales.
Phillip would also take Dean to various hock shops around Wollongong to sell mine and my son’s belongings. This all happened while Phillip was on shift; working for House with no Steps.
Phillip Williams, Dean’s State Care Key worker actually drove Dean to all these places which obviously show Phillips clear intention to steal from me!
Since Dean left jail he has been placed under the public guardian and Dean’s Public Guardian name was James O’Connor, James made contact with me on the 1st of November 2013 by phone. James told me that “I was to read between the lines” and that I was to have Dean leave my home and go back to live at/under House with No Steps, I told James to do his own dirty work and I was not going to do this. James then threatened that if I did not do so that someone would make allegations against Dean and have Dean placed back in jail. Once again I told James no. I believe James O’Connor was trying to cunningly pressure me so Dean would be forced to stay at “House with no Steps” in order for them to keep their share of the huge Government program money of $500,000. I believe this situation is common in New South Wales State Care and they do not want to help clients to be able to live independently because they would lose the huge amounts of public money from their own corrupt control.
Phillip Williams stated to me that James O’Connor was an ex Catholic Priest. Dean later confirmed that James O’Connor was under a different name I believe Dealy? And he came from England to avoid allegations of pedophilia and continued to abuse children here in Australia which included my husband Dean when he was a child in Penrith Sydney and again as an adult once Dean first left jail and James became Dean’s Public Guardian.
When Dean came to live with me I would constantly report back to the managers of Criminal Justice Program and state my concerns of Dean’s mental state and they refused to help even when I would call for immediate help they would do nothing. I have now been informed that many managers staff from house With No Steps Wollongong are all involved in a sex/paedophilia cult. David Guy, Anthony Pritchard, Phil Williams, Gavin Baldock, Julia Davis to name a few.
Also Wayne Zhara and Vanessa and other staff from ADDHC.
These people have been placed in Government Agencies to ensure victims do not talk. And so they can continually abuse them as adults.
Phillip John Williams use to be known as Phillip Robert Adams you can locate Phillip Robert Adams on the MAKO file list.
Phillip John Williams/Adams is a known rapist, pedophile and alleged murderer.
Phillip also has his young grandson live with him.
Wollongong and Lake Illawarra police in New South Wales and detectives are fully aware of the pedophile racket happening in Wollongong!
Dean is funded $500,000 a year which goes to Government organisation to oversee his rehabilitation back into the community yet Dean’s disability pension is to expected to fund these services.
Dean is under the Financial Guardian who is currently Peter Francis from The Bathurst Tag branch Bathurst NSW. Peter who states he works for Dean’s financial best interest has knowingly against Dean’s wishes funded these services even after it was brought to his attention Dean was being abused by people who worked in these services!
Dean had made contact recently to Peter Francis requesting to have money for food and medication. Peter verbally promised Dean this as I was a witness to these calls and never followed through on his promise. Once again Peter Francis; the Bathurst Tag branch in NSW states he works in Dean’s best interest. Yet took it on himself to leave Dean hungry and in pain and homeless!
Dean has requested on numerous occasions to have all of his personal finance statements to be sent to him and Peter has failed to do so.
My son became ill at the beginning of this year and his health continued to deteriorate, I followed all doctors orders to no result eventually I had a local GP have my son see a specialist in another state. This specialist was nervous and did not ask the usual physical conditions, not even requesting any medical imagery but instead told me to see numerous GP’s, both my son and I left the consultation upset and we agreed to ignore his plan. Approximately 2 weeks later I received a call from the Specialist on a Sunday night at 9.30 pm and he said that I needed to ignore his plans and that he felt that my son would now show signs of improvement, he ended the call saying remember we are here to help.

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