Today is a day of remembrance for the ones who have lived through the battle of life and who have fought the good fight.
And for the rest of still living and fighting our battles in life, we thank those who worked so hard before us to bring light into the darkness.

In remembrance of Erin Sondra: Thank you for love.

Today’s post is a poem from a book that I am writing, called Book 1: ‘A Hell’s Creation’ Conception to the 1st Coming Of Age.


A song can be sung in a heartbeat
A lifetime can be lived within a song.

All the pain and searing heat
Seem to last Eternity long.

I wait for the morning sun to rise
At last the shadows do flee

My heart beats with my cries
And yet even in this; “I am Free”

My heart will rise above
The Son kisses me with Peace

I am kissed with Love
This very long night to cease

This strength to endure;
That is not mine
Keeps my heart beating;
For All of time.

A new day; A new dawn
Another cold day to face

I am thrown on the dewy lawn
I do not get to set this pace

Yet I will rise above
And soar in the open place

The trembling cold leaves
My heart’s determination soars

My hopeful soul cleaves
I have no locked doors

I have in my heart; He who never leaves
Another long day; Til the sunset does tease

A new song in my heart
Ready for another night

I will make it through; I will follow the Way
My life in this song; Keeps me from going astray.

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