Continued Persecution of SRA Escapee and Carer

TO: NSW Premier, Fair Trading Minister and others

This email is to inform all of the ongoing situation of persecution I have suffered, along with the courageous SRA victim; Renée Emmanuel, whom I have cared for now for over 10 years.
Renée, as many people in Australia and worldwide know she is an amazingly courageous woman, helping victims of SRA & CSA (satanic ritual abuse & child sexual abuse) worldwide with her often face to face work assisting victims and survivors and her blog;

There are also other courageous victims/survivors such as; Fiona Barnett;… and… also published by and others around the world.
Dr Reina Michaelson of UNICEF also worked bravely and tirelessly to try to help our horrifically abused children but also endured serious persecution. Google; dr reina michaelson allegations and read
There is endless information about SRA and at least hundreds of prosecutions in the USA and elsewhere.
See also Former Senior FBI Agent; Ted Gunderson videos on YouTube and @stopritualabuse on Twitter.

After years of persecution Renée and I purchased an onsite caravan at Riverside Holiday Park, 5 Mill Road, Failford. NSW. Hoping that the Forster District being largely a retirement area that it would be a relatively quiet peaceful place to live.
This proved to be hopelessly inaccurate.
We found that the elderly, disabled and very poor residents at this Park are treated in a disgusting manner and the Park has appalling and somewhat non existing Health and Safety Issues.

For example the Park has no workable, legally installed Fire Services and many other issues such as illegal, unsafe LP Gas installations. These are just 2 issues and the Local Council; Great Lakes Council, Police etc ignore these serious life endangering situations.
NSW Fair Trading, CTTT/NCAT all also totally ignores these matters.

The Police and Fair Trading etc also ignore the fact that the Park Owner/Management are known for stealing, stopping, destroying, intercepting mail and Registered mail belonging to Park Residents.
Bullying, intimidation, threats etc are also common in the Park against elderly, disabled Residents by Park Management and a few of their bullies.

Police and Fair Trading, CTTT/NCAT ignore everything and do not respond to complaints and have been known to actively assist the Park Management and Owner. CTTT/NCAT; Mr Gilson also abused and threatened 2 elderly, disabled women himself.

There are also issues of Park Management attempting to extort property, steal property and are suspected of vandalism to Residents cars or inciting others to vandalize.
There are endless serious issues in the Park and many Residents have been driven out of their dwellings deliberately, including ourselves.

Our Representative at the Tribunal; Mr Ron McLachlan has refused to raise the serious issues in the Park, which Fair Trading, CTTT/NCAT actually do know about anyhow.
Fair Trading is knowingly allowing perversion and obstruction of justice and Mr Ron McLachlan’s behaviour is very suspicious. We know the District has strong influences from Freemasonry!
Ron McLachlan has document of evidence and access to further evidence but has shied away from using evidence. This has caused further serious problems for us, other Park Residents and especially the former threatened and intimidated Park Committee Secretary; Dianne Smith.
The Fair Trading Minister’s brother; Jerome Mason-Cox has provided evidence that the Park Management are defying Tribunal Orders again by interfering and stopping the sale of our onsite van in the Park.

See the following link for very brief evidence. all detailed evidence is available. and

NSW Fair Trading, CTTT/NCAT is well known for it’s disastrous failures and information such as this link and others are available;…
These behavioural issues are outrageous and can only be described as beyond negligence but corruption.

John Greville has been assisting us with advocacy and has stated that Barrister Bill Barber and co will attend to all legal matters but Mr Greville has gone missing? Maybe the NSW Ombudsman’s Office knows what has happened?
NSW Fair Trading or Tribunal does not actually have lawful jurisdiction to deal with all the issues they are pretending to deal with and are on a mad course of action which will further perversion and obstruction of justice. The only proper course of action may be via the High Court of Australia and the International Courts.

I am currently caring for another SRA, CSA victim and the victim’s Carer and young son. They have had to flee the District in NSW they were living at and Renée and I have had to share our Disability Incomes with them, providing them food, shelter, healthcare and living support.
Child Protection Activists; Nicky Davis and Aletha Blayse sent these suffering people to us for their desperate needs and we need financial assistance.
Although our living conditions are very spartan this latest victim we are assisting, along with his amazing loving Carer is improving dramatically health-wise, emotionally since getting away from previous unhealthy, dangerous situation.
I believe, given the opportunity this victim could become a true survivor. Many victims, even after escaping their immediate abuse situation, are actually still victims suffering at the hand of systematic negligence and sometimes re abused within State Care and untrained healthcare etc.

The NSW Fair Trading Minister’s brother has kindly provided written evidence of the Riverside Holiday Park Management obstructing, stopping the sale of our onsite caravan dwelling at the Park. He has also provided evidence showing the Park Management are diverting our buyers to buy their own units. Several other keen buyers also reported this behaviour to our selling agent and obviously we have wasted all of our advertising costs due to this ongoing obstruction in Breach of Tribunal Orders.
This situation is insane and Fair Trading is allowing this to continue.

The NSW Fair Trading Minister needs to act in accordance with his tough talk about dealing with dodgy dealers and assure that all dodgy business operators are dealt with.
Minister Mason-Cox must also assure that ALL Health and Safety issues are dealt with and Premier Mike Baird should oversee the Ministers work until he develops a good stringent, safe practice record or find another Minister.
See: http://www.smh/com/au/nsw/fair-trading-in-turmoil-2014079-zt1ni.html

We and other Australians have noticed that news articles, blogs etc are being hacked after viewing or posting on social media and obviously this also needs to be dealt with by Government.
Fortunately we have downloaded and printed material.
Minister Matthew Mason-Cox has said recently “I’d love to nail somebody…to send a strong message”.
He can now do this with the help of his brother and many others and we can supply further links.

We have had our phones tapped, refer CSA Royal Commission Counsellor; Kate Turner, who witnessed this herself. We have had emails hacked, emails remotely removed and we have had PC’s remotely damaged and destroyed. Computer Technicians have confirmed this!
We have had many items of Australia Post mail and many items of registered guaranteed mail stolen, secreted, intercepted, stopped etc and although Australia Post has provided evidence, police refuse to take any action.
Australian Federal Police have provided a letter stating that State police must investigate our mail problems; State police still refuse to perform their duty. This has been the situation for over 10 years and now NSW Fair Trading is also ignoring this matter along with issues of endangering life!

Nicky Davis of Snap Australia has kindly offered to write a report for police, Government, Courts etc in relation to SRA and Organised Paedophile rings in Australia and we hope Aletha Blayse, CLAN, Bravehearts etc will contribute.
Federal Government Ministers such as former Minister Jenny Macklin and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard have recognised SRA in Australia and its horrendous damages to victims.
Former Victorian Premier Ted Bailleau and Minister Wooldridge have examined Evidence and Forensic at which is on in relation to the desperate needs of 2 of many victims. These 2 victims/witnesses to horrific crimes are still living today but in terrible conditions because justice has not yet been made available to them.
I am full time Carer for 1 of these 2 victims, and her brother has been in State Care for approx 40 years. Former Premier Bailleau and Minister Wooldridge diligently sent hard copy evidence to police but they have never responded to or interviewed these brave badly damaged victim/witnesses in relation to the Evidence and Forensics provided.

The NSW Government has previously provided funding to the original ASCA SRA victims support group via NSW Correctional Services funding therefore the NSW Government has been aware of SRA in NSW for many years. Former founding members of ASCA have told us that ASCA is no longer seriously helping SRA victims since ASCA had an Administration changes several years ago. This is a very sad situation for SRA victims and survivors, especially victims seeking a way to escape their entrapped situations!

Some, possibly many survivors are being effectively re abused, especially if they have tried to speak about their childhood and sometimes adulthood abuse because it is common for people working in Government and NGO employment to not believe their stories. Survivors can often end up in Prisons or under Mental Health control and their real needs are never dealt with!

Situations are known via witnesses, where survivors are sexually abused, bashed, drugged in care!
Often survivors are given wrong medications for various reasons, hopefully only due to ignorance of their real needs. Most victims and survivors will obviously suffer from high anxiety but are given anti depressants and or anti psychotic medications which can cause suicidal thoughts and also have other serious side effects. I have learned about this the very hard way, whilst helping many victims and survivors in a hands on manner. Very respected Dr James Stephenson helped me learn some of this situation, face to face and by telephone.

Professor Michael Cousins has also written about and has spoken at seminars and with media about the fact that possibly many people are given useless and possibly damaging pain relief medication as an alternative to using very efficient far more affordable neuropathic blocking well proven old pain medication. This foolhardy practice of incorrect, damaging medications is not only causing serious harm to patients but costing our Health System many millions of dollars more than is needed. It would not be surprising if these practices are costing Australia hundreds of millions of dollars.
There are also the extraordinary high costs associated with potentially unnecessary psychiatric detention and prison detention if people were given “a fair go” and not trapped trying to live in poverty.
All over I and others know without a doubt, Australia could have a much healthier society and save many billions of dollars.

Multi generational SRA is our greatest scourge to society and continues to grow unaddressed and these underground operatives are largely controlling and of course promoting organised Child Sexual Abuse and drug industries as well described by embattled Dr Reina Michaelson. Google; dr reina michaelson allegations. Please note that police said they were not interested in dealing with SRA Child Trafficking and drug rings.

Our Politicians and our Parliaments are Australia’s only hope for turning this horrendous situation around.

As far as we all know, possibly most of our Nations Leaders, like NSW Premier Mr Mike Baird are Christians, therefore it should be relatively easy to start turning this Titanic shipwreck situation around and start truly protecting our children from child abuse, drugs etc. It only takes Political willpower to get this cleansing process started.

Mr Baird, if any of your Advisers or fellow MP’s tell you it would take special laws to achieve a quick turnaround of this horrendous situation, they are deceiving you.
As Christians we all well know that the laws are in place and all that is needed is to what is clearly taught in the Bible, which is Jesus Christ became the fulfilment and perfector of Law through His Love.

All Christians and in fact Muslims are under absolute obligation to “live by love” as Christ did, there if you Leaders lead by example it is then simple to deal with the injustice problems raised in the “Prophets Lament” which all Christians and Muslims must address, not only by Law but by Law overseen by Love as King Solomon achieved in the dispute between 2 women about 1 baby. The Wisdom of Solomon is available and without cost through Love and without Love the baby would have been cut in half wouldn’t it?
Please answer that question honestly to yourselves!
Every man alive knows the truth of serious offences being ignored and petty twisted legalism is allowed to prevail. That is why the perpetrators in the shadows, to the ones having power and with a wink, a nod, and a bit of back slapping, justice goes forth perverted.
We hope and pray that our Christian brother Premier Mike Baird will quickly deal with this situation.

Kind regards
Michael Mathews

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