Lies About Ritual Abuse

Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Ritual Abuse

Ritual Abuse doesn’t happen in real life

Ritual Abuse is movie made for entertainment

Children at a very young age have a vivid imagination

Young children have watched too many horror movies

Children have read too many fairy tales

The child suffers from ADHD or has a mental illness

And the list goes on.


Ritual Abuse is happening on a large scale, so large that the world is full of occult tactics; occult simply meaning hidden from the public.

Much of our movie entertainment is full of occult themes, everyone in the world is exposed to this so to de-sensitise the shocking reality of what is happening.

Yes children in general have vivid imaginations, but very young children do not normally speak about Ritual Abuse unless they have witnessed or experienced this for themselves.

Why would parents subject young children to watching horror movies?

And if the reader goes and looks up the original fairy tales, especially written by the brothers Grimm, you will find these fairy tales were very gruesome.

How many children in today’s world are put onto drugs given out by doctors, paediatricians for so called mental illness, disorders? These drugs then make the child/children appear to have a form of the illness said from the drugs.

Speaking from my own experiences growing up in a multi generational satanic Ritual Abuse family, Farthing and Harmer families with extended family members and associated networks into Ritual Abuse against children, Torture, Child Prostitution, Snuff Movies, Live Snuff, Bestiality and all forms of Sexual Perversions, complete crushing of the Spirit, Emotional Abuse, Mental Abuse and Heartbreak.

Throughout my own childhood especially any of the times I tried to tell other people what was happening in just the family home itself instantly any of my ex family members would tell the person I speaking to that I had been watching too many horror movies, read too many fairy tales or just making things up.

Excuse me! I started trying to tell people about the atrocities as soon as I could speak at 2 years of age. And of course why didn’t anyone ask my ex Farthing and Harmer family members the obvious question; “why is such a young child watching horror movies?

Again at 4 years old when the Farthing and Harmer family tried to marry me to my eldest brother in satan’s name (this was done out of the family home in an occult setting with all extended family members and their associates from all over the country present) and I tried to tell the local church (Church of England/Anglican, not a Salvation Army Hall on this occasion) about this and immediately was told that God is not happy with me and Jesus hates liars.

Excuse me again! How on earth can a 4 year old make up such a revolting and evil thing, where would a 4 year old back in the mid 60’s with the censorship laws for children’s viewing gain this sort of information?

Many forms of Torture would be used based on fairy tales and again if a child tries to tell people about this, it’s immediately dismissed. Notwithstanding the true Holy Bible’s twisting of biblical stories to Torture and confuse a child’s own Spirituality. This is of course to create confusion or blame God or Jesus for the suffering the child must endure, to force the child into the same belief system of evil.

This is not a child’s free will to choice and if the child is lucky to survive childhood, then this adult still doubt themselves and is meant to ignore their own choice of faith.

Again it’s about controlling every aspect of the child’s life, which in turn controls the child when grown up into adulthood to continue their family tradition of evil.

The saddest part of all of this is that the child due to much torture will eventually say anything; agree to anything to make the Torture stop. Many studies have been done on the non effectiveness of Torture used to force people into the opposite of their own belief systems, give up information etc, this has been well documented with adults, well the same goes for young children and even infants.

Torture has been used for thousands of years especially in Ritual Abuse to force the child or adult to do or say something against their own will. It is an ancient tactic used also by many cultures for the same purpose.

It’s used to find the breaking point and convert the child or adult into what the Torturer wants to hear, followed up by what the Torturer wants them to believe and behave, i.e., to make something false become a truth for the child who then becomes an adult.

This of course leaves the child with a false guilt and a shame that belongs to the Torturer, which can take this person’s lifetime to overcome.

To be continued

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