Pine Lodge, Inverloch, Victoria, Australia

“Pine Lodge Private Hotel [in Inverloch, Victoria, Australia], was opened in 1930 with luxury accommodation, boasting running water, electricity, entertainment, and sporting activities, including a nine hole golf course, two tennis courts, and horse riding. Designed as a country club, it continued to run until 1981, attracting the social elite from Melbourne. Pine Lodge had the first telephone in Inverloch with the phone number of “7” and a 33 yard sea water swimming pool (when built, the largest private swimming pool in Australia). For five years during WW2 it was used as a Naval Hospital. It was demolished in 1985.”

See link for original photographs here:

The Lodge front entrance Pine Lodge Motel Lonely Gate Pillars 20131109_194829

The person who built and owned Pine Lodge was a man named Calvert Wyeth. I remember Calvert Wyeth, however, as ‘old Jim’, which is what all the occult members called him and what I called him. Wyeth / ‘old Jim’s’ eldest son was referred to as ‘young Jim’. While Pine Lodge was a favourite destination for Melbourne’s so-called ‘social elite’, it was also a favourite destination of Australian and global satanic network families as well. The festivals and celebrations that took place at Pine Lodge by these families were of the Jimmy Savile style.

I was 3 years old when I was first taken on these horror holidays, and I was either taken there by the Harmer family or sent to other relatives’ homes to stay on my own and still attend all the festivals and celebrations at Pine Lodge.

This place was run down when I first starting going there in the 1960’s, but the weirdest thing is that when the Australia’s Heritage Society first claimed the building/s and land, only the land (dirt) where the original old main building was with the gate pillars remains to the Heritage Society. The Heritage Society is usually there to preserve old buildings.

Please find at the end of this post pictures I drew of this place over 8 years ago for my statement with the Victoria Police.

I will write more in the future about what took place at these festivals and celebrations. Today, however, I want to talk about what took place this time I was taken anywhere near Pine Lodge

Before I start to talk about what went on near Pine Lodge, however, I need to vent. I’ve been having a shocking couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to come off my pain medications. I’ve done so because I’m being stuffed about by a new local doctor who thinks he knows best when he doesn’t. In sheer frustration, I decided a while ago to just get off the medication so I didn’t have to keep dealing with idiots who have no compassion for people who’ve been brutally tortured. I dealt with the pain for over 40 years, but had to give in and realise I need it. So there’s another fight for me. I have to now, AGAIN, fight for the right to have pain medication. This is not something I need right now, as the past 10 years of persecution, in particular this whole year, has caused me to revisit certain abuses/tortures in my young life. Anyway, if this post is a bit hard to read, please excuse me because the pain I’m in at the moment is making everything hard to do. The pain is bringing back memories of torture I endured, which is bad enough, but it also takes me to a very bad place emotionally. This is because the torture was done with the purpose of forcing me to behave in a certain way, most usually in a bad way. Even though, from a very young age, I used these terrible events to bring out the best in myself and do good, it’s still something that causes me trouble today – particularly when I am in mind bending pain!

Anyway, I’m going to tell you about something that happened in the summer of 1968 / 1969. I was 6 years old and had just finished Grade One. It was a bad year. I had again tried to speak to an outsider (my teacher, Miss Crawford) about the continual abuses that were happening to me in the ‘house from hell’ at 37 Rosamond Road, North Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My school was North Footscray Primary School. It was also located on Rosamond Road. As always, I was severely punished with many forms of abuse and torture for speaking out to Miss Crawford about what was happening to me. [Note: I tried, many years later, to track down Miss Crawford. The Victorian Public School System did the usual of ALL Government departments, ignored my request to contact this teacher].

Because of what I’d done in trying to get someone from the outside to help me, it was decided that I should be sent, alone, to stay for weeks at some relatives’ (distant cousins of mine) house that was located in Inverloch, only a couple of streets away from Pine Lodge.

The idea was that these people, whose names were Jim and Lil Emery, would deal with me, and that the owner of Pine Lodge, Surname: Wyeth, but known as; ‘old Jim’ would also deal with me. My Harmer grandparents were the ones who transported me to Inverloch. They stayed at Pine Lodge. I was initially left at the house of Jim and Lil Emery. I was later to be taken to Pine Lodge itself for the purpose of torture.

Jim and Lil Emery, my distant cousins, were old – at least their late seventies but possibly even in their eighties – it was hard to tell exactly. Given their advanced years, out of some sort of respect I was expected to have for them and given their blood relationship to me, I was told I had to call Jim and Lil Emery ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’. ‘Uncle Jim’ and ‘Aunt Lil’ were perverts, just like my Harmer grandparents. My Harmer grandparents worked together to anally rape me. My grandfather George Harmer committed the actual rape, while my Harmer grandmother was the one to restrain me. To help restrain me, my grandmother Flora Harmer tied a silk stocking around my neck. These sorts of anal rapes were done to me by many people over my life, starting from when I was 3 years old (by the Harmer grandparents) but continuing well into my adult life – middle age, in fact. There were so many rapes of this type, with the silk stockings around my neck, that today I have a smooth patch of skin on the front of my neck. While I was being anally raped by my Harmer grandfather, my Harmer grandmother would blow white pepper from a saucer into my face so that I would sneeze and thereby enhance his enjoyment of raping me. Others did this too. To this day, I don’t use white pepper.

Like the Harmer’s, the Emery couple, ‘Uncle Jim’ and ‘Aunt Lil’, were perverts and sadists who acted as though they were decent members of the community in public, just like the Farthing and Harmer families pretended to be decent people when in fact they were monsters. This couple, who always made a big show in public of being caring towards children, would often have children at their house in Inverloch. They also had close ties with ‘old Jim Wyeth’ from Pine Lodge.

The first night that I stayed at the home of ‘Uncle Jim’ and ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery, I was obviously drugged. After the first night, I woke up in great pain, which was not something new to me. I knew I was in for a nightmare time, for weeks on end. In the morning, I went for a walk, thinking about how I was going to cope with weeks and weeks of terrible times.
I walked for a very long time along hot, dusty / sandy roads feeling very lonely. I was hot and thirsty and the walking had only made my back, feet and knees ache more than they already were. The weather was awful and there was a hot wind as well, which blew the dirt and sand on me. I was sweating profusely, so the dirt and sand stuck to my skin.

Eventually, from exhaustion, I sat down under a patch of large trees. While I was sitting under the trees, I thought about the night before. I tried to remember exactly what had happened. I clearly remembered that during the night, I had found myself sitting on a different bed to the one I’d been put to bed in. It was the other bed in the spare bedroom of ‘Uncle Jim’ and ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery. I also clearly remembered the pain and that I’d been bleeding from the anus. I was also sneezing a lot. I clearly remembered calling out to ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery but that I was ignored. I clearly remembered having a very bad headache and that the room was very dark. After calling out in the dark for what seemed like hours but might have been less time, I remembered clearly that eventually my eyes adjusted to the dark, and that when they did, I got a shock because I thought I could see a headless person in the room. It took me a while to work out that it was just a dressmaker’s dummy with no head. This sort of thing was not uncommon in my life. My Farthing / Harmer family often played stupid tricks on me like this, such as having someone standing there in the dark with their clothes pulled up over their head and their shoulders padded so it would look as if they were headless.

Anyway, eventually, during that night, I realised it was a dress dummy. I then remembered that I had tried to get off the bed that I found myself sitting on so that I could get back into the bed that I’d been put to sleep in, but that I’d fallen out of the bed when I tried to get off it. Obviously, whatever they’d given me had affected my coordination. I clearly remembered that even then, no-one had come into the room. I then remembered crawling from the floor to the other bed and dragging myself up into it by the bedspread. I was still sneezing, and it was hot and I was very thirsty. As I lay in the bed, thirsty and bleeding, the pain was in the form of a sore anus, stomach cramps, and a sore neck and throat.

Sitting under the tree and going back over the previous night’s memories, I worked out what had happened to me. I was able to work this out by remembering what had happened when I’d first woken up in the morning (before I went for the walk). I’d woken up in the bed I’d dragged myself back into feeling very hot because the bedspread was heavy. ‘Aunt’ Lil’ Emery had come into the room and told me to get up and get dressed. When I walked out of their spare bedroom towards the kitchen, I passed the bedroom of ‘Aunt Lil’. ‘Uncle Jim’ was still in bed, but I noticed that ‘Aunt Lil’ had the same sort of silk stockings on the table beside their bed as the ones owned by my Harmer grandmother. I also noticed a saucer and canister of white pepper next to the stockings. It wasn’t hard to work out what had happened to me and that it was the same as what my Harmer grandparents did to me.

My head was hurting very badly – I had a terrible headache. After seeing the stockings and pepper, I felt like I was going to vomit. ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery called out to me to come and eat breakfast. I didn’t want to eat anything. I sat at the kitchen table with her and she put a bowl of hot porridge in front of me. It was already getting hot, even at that time of the morning. I didn’t want hot food. I didn’t eat the porridge; I just kept moving the thick goo around the bowl. Eventually, ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery said I could leave the table, but not before giving me the same lecture I was used to getting from others about all the starving children in the world and how ungrateful I was not to eat good food.

After I was allowed to get up and leave, I still had an awful headache. I asked if I could go outside. ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery said that I could, but that I was not to wander off on my own. I was very thirsty. As soon as I went out the back door, I looked around for a garden tap so I could drink some water. I found the tap. Unlike the tap outside the ‘house from hell’ in North Footscray, it had the handle attached, so I could turn it on and get my mouth under the tap and drink the water.

As soon as I had a drink, I looked for somewhere where I could get out of the back yard and go for a walk. Despite the instructions I’d been given not to wander off on my own, I did. And, as I’ve recounted, I ended up sitting under the big trees after a very long walk.
As I was sitting under the trees, remembering everything that had taken place from when I’d arrived at Inverloch until now, and thinking about what the coming weeks held in store for me, I could hear the Kookaburras singing and laughing. It didn’t cheer me up. I felt very alone. Before I left for my walk, ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery had also told me that I would be going to Pine Lodge that night. I wished that I could just disappear, or at least fly away with the Kookaburras. I was still feeling nauseous (I probably had heat stroke by then as well) and I felt even sicker when I thought about what would happen to me at Pine Lodge.

As I was going back over the events of the previous night, I also recalled ‘Aunt Lil’ and ‘Uncle Jim’ Emery mockingly calling me by the name ‘Michael’ and telling me that I was a “poof” and that I would “go to hell.” This kind of thing wasn’t new. Only a few days before, when I was still at North Footscray, I’d been forced to engage in sexual activity with my female cousin, and my abusers had told me that I was a lesbian. [Note: I will write more in the future about this technique of calling me different names and explain why it was done].

Under the trees, thinking about what was in store for me at Pine Lodge, I decided I was most probably going to be forced to engage in sexual activity with another creepy kid. Whether the other kid was going to be male or female would just depend on what the adults would find most amusing.

Suddenly, I was distracted by the fact that the Kookaburras had stopped singing. I realised I’d been gone from the house for many hours as the sun was high in the sky. It was sweltering hot by now. I was by now extremely thirsty, my headache was still there, and I felt like I was going to vomit. I knew that I’d better get back to the Emery house quickly, since I’d been told I was not supposed to wander off.

So I got up and started the long walk back, knowing that I would be in even more trouble than before because I’d disobeyed ‘Aunt Lil’ Emery, but resolute that whatever the coming weeks had in store for me, I would get through them.

As I approached the house of ‘Aunt Lil’ and ‘Uncle Jim’ Emery, I could hear ‘Aunt Lil’ calling out my birth name, ‘Maureen’. As soon as I entered the back yard, she started telling me off for going out of the backyard. When I got close enough to the back door, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me inside. Her voice changed from her normal voice to a strange, deep voice, and she called me ‘Michael’, telling ‘Michael’, that he was going to get belted with ‘Uncle Jim’s trouser belt.

What followed was weeks of discipline and torture, both in the Emery household and in Pine Lodge. I will write more about this soon. For now, I will leave this post with this: As I/‘Michael’ was being belted, I made one of many important decisions in my young life: I was going to make more ‘spies’ in my set of ‘identities’ and that they were going to remember EVERYTHING about all the times I was taken to Inverloch, and ESPECIALLY Pine Lodge.
pine lodge_0003 pine lodge_0002

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  3. Andi Hodges says:

    My family went for Christmas Summer & Easter holidays from the time I was baby. It approximately 1963 to 1972 & the map of the internal & external buildings are not quite correct. I remember seeing a few “very different” families come for their holidays at the very end of January 1972, as most of us were leaving at the end of the school holidays.
    The different families dressed formally (we were in shorts, tees & thongs) and they didn’t make eye contact, smile or engage in conversation. I remember thinking as a child how strange they were. The last year we stayed there, I felt uncomfortable and uneasy and too afraid to go to the showers & toilets in the outside complex. I dragged my mum out to one of the outside rooms one day as there was a lot of strange and loud noises coming from one of the rooms where the “different” families were staying. Fortunately we never returned.


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