UPDATED 19th March 2017

This is a blog written by myself an Escapee from Satanic Ritual Abuse. It will contain regular posts reflecting upon what it feels like to be a Satanic Ritual Abuse Escapee. It will also comment upon:

  • Tactics used by Ritual Abusers in childhood
  • Effects of Ritual Abuse on children
  • Long term effects of Ritual Abuse on adults
  • Tactics used by Ritual Abusers in their efforts keep control of Escapees throughout their lives
  • The importance of knowing and being able to overcome ‘Call Back Dates’ more about this subject here
  • The devastating effects of Spiritual Abuse, which occurs as a result of ALL serious Child Abuse.

I am hoping to help those still suffering from Ritual Abuse, ALL forms of serious Child Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse as this life long journey is a long and painful one. I hope that my insights and discussion of my experiences help you.

I was born into a multi generational Satanic Ritual Abuse family who emigrated to Australia and established inter connected Satanic Ritual Abuse networks in the early 1900’s.

These networks have grown unchecked because Australian Authorities, Churches, Healthcare systems and Education systems have been in denial of their existence.

On my mother’s side of the family their surnames are; Harmer and Johnston and came from Northern England and Scotland.

On my father’s side of the family their surnames are; Farthing and King from England.

There are a lot of myths about all forms of Ritual Abuse, including Satanic Ritual Abuse but put simply it is just trauma based mind control from birth.

It includes constant deprivation (including sleep), sensory overload, torture, sexual, physical and spiritual abuse.

The main reason is to control the person’s life; TOTALLY! And crush the spirit of children from as early age as possible.

I will be adding more posts about these subject matters soon.

I also want to encourage victims still trapped in occult network families who are seeking a way to escape this horrific lifestyle, to never give up hope that you will be able to escape. I know the hardest way out is finding decent people who will help and I also know that children born into multi generational families of devil worshiping do have their friends selected by families and their evil networks.

As teenagers and adults then this naturally poses a problem of who to trust. Please do not forget work colleagues that become friends as these are not as often selected by occult families as friends, and you may just find a colleague who has become a friend and a person to trust, even if it is only to get away initially.

For escapees of Satanic Ritual Abuse I recommend that if you find a good hearted person with God given spiritual understanding (this person does not need to have religious training, but must have a loving heart) who is willing to help, then please take this opportunity of escaping and being able to speak to someone with understanding. It took me 42 years to find not only a person I could trust, but who also had the True God given spiritual understanding to grasp what I had to say.

The right person could be able to help very soon and especially whilst the satanic occult are being exposed globally and are in confusion and dread, then this also will make any escape hopefully easier.

  • Please also read my reply to Amanda Albrecht‘s comment in the comment section below. This will give the reader a basic understanding of the latter day history of the organised satanic occult religion and their allied forces.
  • In the UK there is a group of people doing very positive work in relation to ALL Child Abuse matters at   https://whistleblowerkids.uk/ 

Many thanks to everyone who has re tweeted, re blogged posts, ping backed, posted on Facebook, liked, etc, I sincerely thank you.

Comments are finally working again on this site.

46 Responses to Home

  1. Maggi says:

    Stay well.

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  2. God keep you and use you powerfully for many others.


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  3. C. A. Jones says:

    Thank you for this. I have a lot of material of my own I should really work in to shape to help others too, but this has given me a template. Thanks again!

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  4. Actually, the ritual abuse occurs in the womb – not just “at birth”.

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  5. blacsoc says:

    I thought, I was well informed , I dont know what to say Im overwhelmed …Stay Safe……. Am I allowed to post links to this Blog

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  6. Believer says:

    I believe you.


  7. Believer says:

    Peter Farthing mentioned in Salvation Document provided to the Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse. If the link doesnt work, go to the Commission web site and look up case studies. The Salvation Army.

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  8. Believer says:

    Go to “Exhibits, view the exhibits list”
    His name is mentioned several times, as well as being named as an author of a document. I haven’thaven’t personally viewed all of these myself.
    Hope this helps.
    God Bless


  9. Believer says:

    If the link doesn’t work go to; http://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au, go to “Public Hearings”, Choose “Case Study 10 March 2014, Sydney”, choose “Exhibits, view the exhibits list”


    • farthing2014 says:

      Thank you Believer for the links.
      John Greville did a false pretense by contacting both my Carer and me, who is also a witness in SRA matters. John Greville said he wanted us to meet him and his partner in business Peter in order to hear the full truth about the Farthing and Harmer families in relation to Satanic Ritual Abuse. John Greville cancelled his meeting with us and kept up the pretense that he was investigating Child Abuse matters for the Salvation Army. John Greville is also involved in actually working somehow with corrupt New South Wales Police and Ombudmans Offices. All Australian Ombudmans’ Offices and Police have had my information and evidence for over 5 years, but ALL refuse to respond. Some of these details are written in 1 blogpost written by my Carer, Michael Mathews. @Michael13584052 on twitter. This is the link for that blogpost http://www.wp.me/p4PPat-2y
      This post is titled Australian, NSW Abuses of Child Sexual Abuse and SRA Victims.
      The problem with the Royal Commission is that it is not a legal body, it does not prosecute sex offenders and the worst is the victims go through much more suffering giving witness to the evil that has happened to them, only for all of their evidence to be locked away for 99 years. Lastly the witnesses are afterward further persecuted due to speaking up. The Royal Commission was really only set up to further destroy the credibility of Christianity and the RC refuses to address any matters involving Satanic or Pagan Religious Child Abuse. Effectively they are deliberately protecting these perverted underground religions and they are also being very careful to NOT allow any matters of Satanism within the Churches to be addressed. There are links available which show the history of this grand Satanic Deception, if you wish you can contact my Carer at the above Twitter link for this info and evidence.
      God Bless


      • David says:

        So paganism is a perverted underground religion? Practised long before christianity, pagans see children as a blessing. No pagan rituals involve abuse of any kind. You cant even be in a group ritual without parents if your a child and many rituals are now public.A bit more homework would be good. In satanism, the abuse is the point of the ritual, no doubt some people who call themselves pagan are abusers but its not allowed as part of pagan beliefs. There are a LOT of Christian child sex abusers about, more than even satanists. All abuse is WRONG. But so is your narrow minded, uneducated prejudice.


      • Farthing2014 says:

        Hi David, I’m not sure of your comment about paganism on the home page as I am writing about Ritual Abuse and Satanic Ritual abuse. I can only say that my ex criminally insane family used ALL religions against myself and other SRA Survivors I have spoken with, and they especially loved using Christianity against children, in my case to in an attempt stop me from seeking Christ Jesus.
        I agree with you about pretend Christian’s abusing children and throughout the blog I have posted that my ex family hid behind religious groups as well. I’m sorry if you feel that I have prejudiced against you, however I can only attribute my survival of growing up in the global well known occult to the Love and Mercy from the One True God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and Father to my Lord; Christ Jesus. I also agree with you that ALL children are a blessing and ALL abuse against ALL people of ALL ages is WRONG, but especially towards children, disabled children/adults and aged people who have NO hope of defending themselves.

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  10. Please can you contact me ASAP. I’m a Melbourne journalist covering issues you discuss here. I recently covered the Ballarat hearings.
    I’m on luciemorrismarr@gmail.com
    Or let me know if you want my number. Best wishes


  11. Amanda Albrecht says:

    Hi I would like to add my support here in Perth WA. I am a Mum of 3, Accountant/Businesswoman and know too much about Murderers and Pedophiles in Power. The Evil Ex with the help of his Blonde Bimbo Lawyer, the Coppers and the Pedophiles in the Family Court kidnapped my 7yr old daughter and dragged me through our child abuse Court, and took my 3 daughters off me and I haven’t seen them for 9 months. They have been bugging me since then. They have ruined a $7M business at the same time and the corrupt court has just chucked out my 60M Claims against ATO, CBA and Commissioner of Police. I still have enough money though and want to use it to get rid of these sick evil people. As their favourite trick is to divide and conquer, I am hoping to Unite all parents of Australia against them. I am also helping out the Matagarup Swan River People on Heireisson Island who are going through even worse harassment by this Evil Government and the Corrupt Justus System. I can email some of the correspondence I have sent and the poems I’ve written in the hope of giving hope. All the best and stay strong.

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    • farthing2014 says:

      Your story sounds very interesting & I am sorry to hear about your suffering.
      As you would realize my blog is about satanic ritual abuse in Australia & of course these satanists have infiltrated governments, churches etc worldwide in accordance with their 1776 written plan.
      The global interconnected satanists religions largely gained control of most of the world’s secret societies; such as Freemasons, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Opus Dei etc etc. These groups largely control global organized crime and mafia groups.

      The video link for the 1776 plan named; The Original Writings of the Illuminati youtu.be/eNuBFQcz1JM

      This evil satanic plan was exposed & published in Russia around 1789 but it appears the rest of the world ignored the warnings.
      Other people over the years had tried to expose this grotesque plan, such as Ezra Pound but were imprisoned without charge in the USA to keep them quiet.
      John F Kennedy USA President tried to outlaw the world’s secret societies in an attempt to combat growing international crime, obviously including child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse etc, but as we all know he was murdered for his bravery. There is a youtube video of his speech about secret societies in the 1960’s.

      Ultimately in 1967 Myron C Fagan produced 3 sound recorded vinyl records which are now available on youtube video named; Myron C Fagan-Illuminati EXPOPSED (1967) youtu.be/hFsYSvqKozM
      20 minutes plus into this video Myron explains the methods used by the satanists to draw powerful people & secret societies under 1 secret banner of corruption, named the Illuminati.

      The Illuminati is the main surface branch of the global satanic occult networks & their mission has been to take control of governments, religions, education systems, entertainment industries & the mainstream media. They have largely achieved their aims but there is a powerful fightback for the truth on the internet & social media.

      In Ephesians 6.12, Paul wrote; Because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.

      I have also emailed you this reply from this blog’s email account & I would appreciate further information from you. Take care

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  12. Bonny says:

    You are brave. God bless you.


  13. luverley says:

    Hello. Thank you so much for writing this blog. It really helps knowing others are out here in this party of the world. I was feeling really insane and that nobody would believe me. I Have no memory though. And i was told i have a very strong bloodline. I don’t know what to do cos the suicidal programming is pretty strong at the moment. Thank you for sharing. Peace to you.


  14. c says:

    hello i was wondering if by any chance you would be willing to communicate with me via email. i understand if not. i think i am a survivor of RA though i am so scared and have much denial there. my dad is from victoria, born a bit before you. i grew up in a different country, but i believe the abuse was intergenerational. i am scared to say more than that publicly. thank you though for your blog.


  15. farthing2014 says:

    Hi luverley,

    Thank you for your comment & sadly we are in a country that has run rampant with shocking abuses to children. Our authorities have let this go unchecked since the foundation of the country.

    There is so much on the internet now about all forms of Child Abuse including Satanic Ritual Abuse that it is certainly believable! Much the same as priests rape & abuse children in churches & keep in mind that satanists have infiltrated the churches, public services etc after having generations of free ability to do so, whilst authorities & main stream media ignore the situation.

    Who told you that you have a very strong bloodline? I sincerely hope that you do not give into suicidal thoughts! And that as you remember more that you post it yourself on your blog.
    Please take care of yourself & any other questions please feel free to ask.


  16. Marty says:

    I would like to add, does anyone here know of a well known Kiwi Pedo, called Arnold Barry Eaton?I met him as a child, in 1983, thereabouts in a park in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs. This Kiwi pervert molested my little mate Alex, through the 1980s and also was part of a ‘celebrity pedofile ring’, that included well-known TV stars, the late & disgraced “Dolly” Dunn, the disgraced Artist , Rolf Harris, the disgraced embezzler/pedo PP, Father Vincent Kiss, among “uncle Arnold’s” circle of friends & fellow freeloaders!
    Alex’s Italian step-father ran a posh restaurant in Hampton, during the 1980s, where “uncle Arnold” & “Fr Kiss” & the whole plethora of freeloaders all descended on Little Alex’s daddy’s eatery, all out for a free feed, in return “uncle Arnold” brought in the “TV stars”(mostly from Network X-aka Channel 10, particulary from the “Prisoner” cast). All true, no slander here, maybe Little Alex might also make his contribution here , soon. Little Alex would have a hell of a good story for the readers/bloggers here!


    • farthing2014 says:

      Hi Marty, It sounds like your young friend was lured by trickery into the perverts nest. Sadly this is a common story in Australia and although Authorities do know who many of these perverts are, they are ignored and free rein to abuse thousands of children.
      The story of pervert Owen Osbourne in Brisbane is a classic example of Police and related Child Protection Authorities ignoring and deliberately covering up large groups of Child Sexual Predators and persecuting a decent Policeman who was working hard to protect children. Please see link: https://spidercatweb.blog/2016/03/18/australia-uk-paedoring-spartacus-vipaedo/

      These Paedophile and sometimes child murdering networks are often linked directly with satanic occult multi generational satanic covens, which are well know by Australian Authorities. The satanic religious networks are completely ignored by Governments and Authorities, Child Abuse Royal Commission etc, even though the farcical Woods Royal Commission in the 1990’s were well aware of these widespread Criminal underground religious interconnected covens (satanic churches).

      The #Pizzagate on Twitter scandals worldwide are all connected with the satanic occult religions.
      The bottom line is that Australia has developed a culture of Child Abuse and occult Criminal networks that operate freely because Governments and Authorities, Media stubbornly pretend they do not exist!

      These satanic networks have infiltrated ALL areas of Public Services, Courts, Churches, Health and Education systems.

      And yes I do totally know about our “TV Stars and our TV Stations”. In the 1960’s I knew of our own Governments ABC and the 1970’s Channel Nine Network.

      Take care and I am sure Little Alex does have a good story for readers and bloggers.


  17. Drew says:

    You are brave bud! Are you currently up to speed with #pizzagate and the current links to the Ordo Templi Orientis?


  18. A says:

    I thank you for this page, and thank those who’ve shared…again I am tempted to believe this is a site of truth; and not another web of deceipt…as I am failing to find much truth and integrity in my search.
    I am distraught and exhausted – so forgive my unpolished presentation please.
    I am 40yr old father, and all but broken by a ‘family’/network…all encompassing world which has played me for the complete scapegoated fool. Suffice to say abused, tortured, drugged, maimed, ridiculed etc…full gamut…since before birth.
    In Sept last year, I volunteered my 8yr old daughter/second child, over to the ‘care’ of her mother; as I had swallowed the advice of my Dr – that i was living in a mouldy/sick building – the cause of much of my family’s deteriorating health – and that I should leave immediately. I did, handing my daughter over temporarily as a duty of care; only to rapidly realise the deception, as they all ramped up the trickery and humiliation into the next stage of my demise.
    Sorry, it’s hard not to be verbose, but I shall try…
    Dr’s orders were to go camping…the Dr is a satanic paedophile…and so it is camping where I have been living out this never-ending crisis, and time of revelation.
    I used all the few resources I had, replacing ‘contaminated’ goods, and buying camping gear/crisis expenses…and so now, with all support withdrawn, and too scared to choose my next move; I tread water and periodically make flailing attempts to garner support and act somehow.
    As the fool, I have blurted and raved and accused…overwhelmed and fraught with worry/not being able to think…I was a mess prior to this dawning; a tortured marionette with unknown physical and mental damage. I desperately tried to gather evidence recording my children on the ph., skype etc – knowing that I was about to be shutdown(I couldn’t be cool and wise and patiently gather evidence, knowing what is being done – but now it is a worse outcome I fear) – …but am positive these actions were counter recorded/setup with a 13yr old son that is complicit with the dark side, and are to be used against me – as the abuser I am not.
    The history and involvement of all around is so thick, that I am genuinely worried I am poised to be taken down as the perpretrator of all that these others have done to mine – and their own – children.
    They are all ‘happy, professional, caring’ people, so who would believe me over them…they are all calling in concern and mental health assessments on me – not through care, but to entrap, incarcerate and ultimately kill me. I was ignorant to the coercive psychiatry nightamre in Australia…despite having experience first hand; I truly am a fool.
    The biggest trap is that of course I had been attending useless counselling with a psychiatrist – who of course is one of them – and my reporting to police and ‘crisis contacts’, has seen no regard for my children, and a quicksand effect pull toward me being ‘assessed’, and subsequently placed into involuntary psych treatment indefinitely. Hence I am catch 22ed wherever I turn, and certain that what I have uncovered is so massive and powerful, that me and my children are nothings…police, psychs, drs, schools, government, family, ‘friends’, and on and up…boundless and creating great despair.
    As has been my life of years, I spin in indecision…land on menial pragmatics as achievable, and get nowhere much, day after day…but this is massive, and I cannot bypass the abyss that opens when I consider my daughter, and what I know to be happening. What has happened to my son, and what I fear he is now doing to others.
    I need a ritual abuse psychologist/counsellor…primarily to vouch for my sanity immediately…a lawyer to help with the mass of confusion and corruption…advice, belief, time, resources, storage, shelter, and on and on. But I am losing any faith that the psych/lawyer/straight cop even exist…and that they could/would stand with me for any length anyhow, even if they did.
    Please, if anyone has any leads, or ideas, or anything that can help me onward; I am desperate, would be so thankful.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just me, but my children…
    Then there is everything else I know to be true in the world around, and can see now – the other children I know are hurting…I want to act, and help, and do so much; and yet it feels so hopeless, so completely, so often.
    Thank you if you read this far,


  19. farthing2014 says:

    Hi Edward, thank you for your comment.
    I’m very interested to hear more about your alternate ways of dealing with our total corrupt system of government in Australia.


  20. Elizabeth says:

    Hello. I am so glad you escaped. You are very brave. I am trying to escape my family but they have made it very difficult. I am a mkultra monarch survivor and they have chips in me and have the synthetic telepathy. I am gangstalked and hit with rdiation. I am now blacklisted by my own family. Please pray for my dog Sampson and I.


    • farthing2014 says:

      Hi Elizabeth, very sorry to hear about your situation. There must be many people in dire straits. Is there anywhere you can seek help? Is there anyone not connected to your family that can help in some way? Will keep you and your pooch in prayer, sincerely hope you can find some help nearby to you. If you are in the USA, I have heard that Craig Sawyer on Twitter @CraigRSawyer he is an ex navy seal and Russ Dizdar (not sure of spelling) may be helping people, but I can’t guarantee it. Sometimes it only takes 1 person who is not afraid to help, this was how I finally escaped when I was 42 years old. Thank you for your contact, God bless.


  21. Mark Gessner says:

    Hi. I didn’t want to believe these things to be true. But the similarity in method victims testify for trauma based mind control suggests that it is. Too many are now coming forward.
    Your strength is in unity as victims. United you are much harder to supress than individually. The unfortunate reality is even if authorities are not directly involved they may want to cover it up due to the obscene nature of this sick abuse & the high rank & level of government & public personalities involved. It might be deemed in the interests of “National Security” to cover up this mess that by ignoring they make themselves fully complicit in. As you rightly say what is hidden in secret IS being shouted from the rooftops. Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world. The kingdom of heaven is not a question of words but of POWER. Being involved in a coven you would be aware of spiritual warfare. Compared to the power of God the power of satan is as nothing.
    His Spirit WILL guide you in all truth. I will if it is OK with you put you on our prayer list. I have seen God’s power transform lives in miraculous ways. To Him who is able to do more than we ask or think, to Him Christ Jesus be the glory for ever & ever amen.


  22. Stryper says:

    There are two organizations in Australia that practice horrid crimes against children. These are the Pedophile Information Exchange (organized by the late Adelaide communist lawyer Elliot Johnston) and Ordo Templis Orientis (a black magic/Satan cult). Both of these evil groups are well known to Police and the intelligence services. Nothing is ever done about them due to the high social status of the cult members. In fact Elliot Johnston who killed numerous kids in Australia was actually made a Supreme Court judge in Adelaide.
    You are in grave danger. Keep your whereabouts secret. These perverts will try to harm you or kill you. So do not under-estimate them. KEEP SAFE!


    • Farthing2014 says:

      Thank you for your comment Stryper. These satanist groups are well known from the exposures of Dr Reina Michaelson in Australia.
      There is obviously many groups but they are always interconnected. There appears to be nothing unusual about judges being involved.
      Dr Michaelson and her loving mother tried very hard to get the Victorian police to take lawful action but they outright refused and said, even if your claims of satanic ritual abusers in the police force is correct, we still will not investigate.
      I’ve forgotten her name but a woman has made very serious allegations about these groups in the family courts also in Australia.
      We have had many threats and are constantly targetted and so I will add the latest garbage from evil operatives with government with this link:


  23. Jill says:

    Been there as, well no one gets it not even me still dont know who to go too unlock what is still locked i need to put it all together they will not win. So happy to find this site just knowing some one gets it is reassuring and lol im not mad (at least i hope not) thanks


  24. Dee says:

    hi i am trying to find any information on ritual abuse in north queensland in the 1980’s and early 1990’s – if you could please point me in the right direction………i am and SRA survivor from this area I am currently being targeted and am a single mother with 2 young children whom I am trying to protect…..looking for help and a place to start researching SRA in north queensland please


    • Farthing2014 says:

      I’m sorry Dee but by the 1980’s my ex satanic family had finished dragging me around to other satanic states/districts etc in Australia.
      I can only say that no state or territory is exempt from ritual abuse including north qld.


  25. vkdtaouk says:

    We Hear You We Believe You We Stand With You.
    This is a topic which in late 2021 is reaching a new pinnacle of exposure. You are not alone. Thousands of you are Truth Warriors and deserve the biggest platform to collective speak your truths. In 2022, the exposure – Bringing Truth To Light – Truth Be Told is moving into a massive momentum as hundreds of thousands of people are becoming more and more aware of the evil secrets that once hid in darkness. Every single one of these stories needs to be shared no matter how graphic, or distressing they might sound. Healing for our world can not occur if we the people who STAND with you can not hear the truths. Australia is the headquarters of it all. One huge experimental country for everything. It might have taken decades to wake up to it but now the people are awake and fighting the good fight to save the children from under and above ground from these heinous crimes. I am going to pass on your site to some incredible Truth Warriors to read your story as I know there are many similarities along the way. It would be difficult to deny that all these stories are not connected in some shape or form. It would be difficult to deny when all these Truth Warriors across Australia stand united speaking their truth that this shit can not be made up. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TIME TO EDUCATE AND EXPOSE ALL THOSE IN SO CALLED “OFFICIAL OR OF IMPORTANT ROLES” TO THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD! An Australian wide tour is so desperately needed so people no longer turn a blind eye but rather have EYES WIDE OPEN!!!!


    • Farthing2014 says:

      thank you vkdtaouk, I had replied to your comment but have just found out it disappeared….may our Lord Jesus bless your work and all Truth Warriors, thank you very much for your encouragement.

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