Young Alisa And Gabriel The Fearless Children Exposing Evil Satanic Ritual Abuse

I haven’t been able to post for awhile, due to continual ongoing health problems, but I have been watching 2 young brave children speak out.

I never thought I would get to see in my lifetime children speak publicly of the evil atrocities committed against them.

For Child Abuse and Satanic Ritual abuse victims and escapees, please if you have been ignored, have fought hard to speak out about the evil committed against you, please continue to do so.

These 2 young children haven’t had the ‘false memory association’ or other nonsense mental illness babble excuses used as some of us adults have.

I know for myself I tried many times as a young child to speak out about Satanic Ritual abuse in Australia and its connection to the Global Organised Occult Network, only to be ignored and silenced.

This of course not only destroyed my childhood, teenage and adult years, but it caused much more punishment for speaking the Truth, which now as I’m in my early 50’s I still have deal with daily the effects of torture done with the punishments. The physical disabilities which hinder me with everything I try and do.

Please watch these videos, read the articles and please don’t let another 40 years go by of the evil perpetrators trying to cover up the truth. The root of all Child Abuse lies within the satanic, as all evil especially this depth of evil can only come from pure evil and hatred towards all that is good.

Truth will always surface as it is consistent, not like the lies used to cover up Truth, which are inconsistent and constantly change.

I thank God for these 2 brave young children Alisa and Gabriel and their heartbroken mother.

And now finally the world watches on, everything that happens to these 2 beautiful children now in the Authorities ‘care’ will be noticed not only by our Father in heaven, but will watched by all good hearted people on this fallen planet.

For our eternal lives are far too important and precious to throw away by being silent, whether it be from fear of being disbelieved, fear of the perpetrators etc. Eternity is a long time and we all have a choice on where we wish to spend our eternal lives as opposed to this short time on this fallen earth full of cruelty and deception.

There is nothing covered up except for the express purpose to be uncovered. Christ Jesus.

Please click on this link to the Aangrifan blog here:

There are many other videos to find as the perverse elite are continually pulling down these videos to keep the cover ups going, please go search for

Thank God for social media and some courageous people on twitter as there are still videos being tweeted. Sabine K McNeill @SabineMcNeill

Brave Sabine is under attack by crooked authorities but they will never beat Christ’s Truth of Satanic Ritual Abuse being exposed globally!

This is the final battle of Truth verses Lies, Christ verses Satan, now being exposed at Christchurch School, Hampstead London.

Only the guilty would go to such lengths to continually pull down the videos, but please search as many other very concerned people are putting all the links, videos etc back up, as the innocent don’t have anything to hide!

Currently trying to find websites/videos of the whistleblower kids as so much has been removed. 13/02/2022.

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