Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identities.

These are other names and identities forced onto children of Sexual, Ritual Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse by sex offenders/perverts, and referred to as multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder.

Personally I don’t take any stock in the psych world’s babble as it is only set up from the ancient global occult religion to yet again confuse, and more so to yet again discredit victims/survivors.
Mental illness is of course tied in with these labels, again to take away the focus from heartbreak and severe emotional trauma!

The mental illness label was established in order to stigmatize and try to remove all credibility from victims’ truthful stories.

I have had from my satanic worshiping family many other names, numbers etc given to me, and I can’t speak for other survivors, but for myself I was always aware of these names and numbers, i.e. the occult’s term is: I now want you in this “frame of mind” (a particular name or number, and I was supposed to behave in a certain way ). I remembered what happened to whatever name or number they gave me by using torture and whenever I was taken out in public and asked what my name was; I would often answer with a name associated with a Satanic Ritual event torture which was not what I was being instructed to say.

I did this for several reasons, firstly to piss my family off, I would then be told “just wait until we get home”, Which meant I would be severely disciplined ( tortured ), but more importantly I was screaming out for help from outsiders, testing them to see if I could get help from outsiders. For 1 example I was supposed to say my real name to outsiders but I would answer with a name such as; Michael, even though I was a little girl named Maureen.

Neither of the labels of multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder used by psychiatry is necessarily a disorder. If the beholder of multiple personalities is aware of their multi personalities and how they were developed, then that person is not in a disorderly state. Multiple personalities are known to be deliberately created by multi generational Child Abuse families and especially Satanic Religious families. It is also known that a child can develop other personalities themselves after suffering Sexual Abuse, torture in an attempt of self protection and block out horrific memories of real events.

To put it all together simply about children being abused in any way, most children will separate this abuse from their daily life and try and lock it away from even themselves, especially if they have been forced to watch atrocities done to other human beings as this is such an affront to everything decent in human beings, especially for young children.
If the child does fight back, this too will make it worse for them, as in they will get more abuses done to them and can themselves create another “frame of mind” to put this memory into, so it does not impede on daily life. All forms of Severe Child Abuse are attacks against the child’s Spirit and are actually direct Spiritual Attacks, not only Physical and Emotional Damages and Trauma.

Then of course there is the miraculous help from the source of good, being God, who also does help the child and even at times the then adult who has survived the abusive childhood, create another aspect to their personality to deal with the truth of what has happened to them. There is a source of evil which causes people to do bad things to children and this is the source of the spiritual darkness, recognised by many people as; Satan the Devil.

Some Church groups and organisations pretending to be Christian based, the ones who get Government funding will also use these same methods with Ritual and Sexual Abuse and some of the newer Churches even add to the already instilled Spiritual Abuse by using theophostic teachings also based on ancient occult methods. Some Church groups are known to tell victims that they are demonised and need deliverance after the victims have tried to tell Church members about the horrific abuses they have suffered.

When the child becomes an adult and the memories of abuse start to surface, as truth always will rise up, the person then has a choice whether to face the truth of what happened or to continue to bury it. Sadly if the person continues to bury truth, then what is known as mental illness will happen, in other words the person will slowly go mad unless they deal with the truth.

The fact that many victims, survivors do have more aspects to their personalities is a natural God given way of coping throughout childhood and early adult years. But of course at some point the light of truth will shine on these dark memories and to continue to survive living life, the person does need to face past atrocities, and then be free from the shame their carrying that also gets buried with the abuses.

I was tortured extensively with my birth name of; Maureen and for this name I ended up with 15 “frames of mind” named Maureen. This simply means that I was tortured 14 times and had other word/s added with the name of Maureen, i.e: Give up Maureen. It was just to shut me up from speaking out what my family and their religious cronies were doing. Then in my 30’s I did receive God’s help just with this name alone with another new aspect to my personality, called; Determined Maureen. This was to counteract all the negative aspects of my personality named by this birth name of Maureen.

Some children who are not fully aware that their minds have been shattered and keep these other aspects of their own personality shut off, but later in life truth always has its way of re-emerging. The then adult of childhood abuse will need to deal with all the abuses that occurred and what actually happened to them, the different “frames of mind” used. These are harder memories to work through.

When any abuse victim has gained awareness of their abuse they need to dissociate themselves as far as they possibly can away from their abusers and also any previous doctors, counsellors, therapists etc involved with their family or the group of abusers. This can be very difficult as often victims have nowhere to go and in the case of Satanic Ritual Abuse victims this is extremely difficult because most people will not believe them.
It took me 42 years to fully escape from all contact from my abusers.

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