Call Back Dates

Every child born into multi-generational satanic religious families will have a specific time of year that they are called back to the religious devil worshipping occult.

To achieve this, yet again much torture will be done to the child.

Types of torture used, especially harming other people the child Loves, as Love is NOT allowed, but Love is used against the child to then control and try and make the child rescue the person/s that they Love.

This also causes another aspect to the child’s personality ( mindset ) of trying to rescue, saving people.

Each child will have their own specific time that they have to return to their main perpetrator or location. And will be continually reinforced throughout their childhood/teenage years.

I will use my own call back date as an example: 21st October every year. Which means that the month of October every year before I escaped, no matter whether I planned to be either interstate in Australia or even Overseas as an adult, everything would go wrong with my plans and NO matter what I did I could not be away from my main perpetrator (  being the Farthing/Harmer families ) and the location they set up for me to front up to at this time of the year.

Please don’t associate this time in October with Halloween or All Hallows Eve, as October 31st is just a grand finale for a very active occult ritualistic month.

The first time I tried to tell outside people of what had been done to myself and my older brother Daniel was on the following Sunday 23rd of October 1966, 2 days after my call back date had been established. Unfortunately I picked the local Anglican ( previously known as the Church of England ) to not only tell what had happened, the Egyptian and Greek goddess names I’d been given, the unholy marriage ceremony to my eldest brother Anthony George Leonard Farthing, in Satan’s name, but I also showed up to the Sunday School covered in blood and with a fractured skull. The spiritual help I desperately needed from a so called Christian Church was of course not met, and instead I was spiritual abused again, this time in Jesus’ name. ( I have only mentioned some of this crime in my incomplete police statement, that police refuse to allow me to finish ).

My hope is for the reader who has been born into a multi-generational occult family or the person trying to help them, is please if you have escaped, know your call back date!

And also please keep in mind that by returning on your call back date, this does not stop abuses/tortures to other people. There maybe a pretense at that specific time, but the person/s will still be abused/tortured at any given time. Please don’t fall for the lie that you can save another person from evil abuses/tortures by returning at the specified time.

Even if you have moved interstate, overseas, you will still have the global occult perpetrators around you, to trigger a response for you to even turn up at a new location/perpetrator/s, and for some that have escaped who are wondering why they cannot move elsewhere or are still bogged down by the spiritual abuses done, please give some consideration to this very important means to keep you under control.

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