Today I’d like to talk about the changes that Paedophiles want to make with the law.

As we know the PIE (Peadophile Information Exchange) organisation has been trying to lower the age for consent for adults to have sex with children to 4 years old.

Firstly we need to ask why the sexual age of consent wants to be lowered to just 4 years old.

And secondly what will be the perverts’ desired outcome if this law was passed?

We also know that certain Politicians and others have been supporting this perverted change to the law.

As an adult that has endured much sexual abuse from the age of 3 years old, that started nearly 50 years ago, I can assure that children 4 years old and younger already are a smorgasbord for sexual predators.

Many decades of torturous sexual abuse to very young children have been exposed enough for the general public to be fully aware that this has been and still is happening.

So why the concern over this un natural law to allow small children as young as 4 years old to be a consensual sexual partner?

Well, lets see, in the land of perverts ruling supreme; what is the best way to keep a child  silenced?

Furthermore what is the best way to keep an adult quiet about childhood sexual abuse?

Of course it would be the fact that many children caught up in paedophile networks are also forced to abuse other children, whether this be physical or sexual.

And we now live in an era where recording of this enforced perverted activities of children is very easily done. Not like only just several decades ago where this either required a studio and large expensive recording equipment, or even just the heavy portable video recorders.

And to video record young children is very easy to do, what’s more to record young children abusing other children is an assured way to keep the children in a ‘false guilt’ for the rest of their lives!

If the children try and speak up about abuses happening to themselves, then they only need to be shown the videos of themselves involved in sexual acts; especially if the children are forced to abuse other children.

It’s a paradise for the sexual deviates, not only have they got away with sexually, physically and at times killing very young children and babies, but they have thumbed their noses at anyone who would dare to speak up about this.

However, now the spotlight is on this awful perversion against small children.

So the paedophiles answer to this: we make consensual sex for children as young as 4 years old with adults. Then these children are accountable by law!

Be outraged for the real reason;

Please understand the motive for wanting to make consensual sex for children at 4 years old to keep every future generation of child abuse, sex abuse and ritual abuse: silent and portrayed as perpetrators even as young children, as young as 4 years old.

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