Punishment for Wayward Girls in Satanic Families

40 years ago I was told an awful secret by my now deceased (murdered) older sister.

The only condition of this secret was that when the time was right I was asked to tell.

This secret was told to me when my sister knew she would soon be killed by our Farthing and Harmer families for her constant rebellion and for helping me.

My older sister, Janet Thelma Farthing, was born in January 1953. I knew of many abuses that had happened to her after I was born in 1962, but this particular inhumane crime committed against her was before I was born and she was only a 6 year old girl; in 1959.

Again at this time both our Farthing and Harmer parents were living in Footscray, Victoria Australia and the awful old grandparents on my mother’s side of the family, being the Harmers were actively involved with the ritual abuses against both my older brother Anthony and sister Janet.

At this time the old grandmother Dora Farthing was still alive (paternal grandmother) and both she and her daughter Joan were Salvation Army Officers.

My father Leonard Farthing decided that my sister would be better off with some training from his Salvo family, as she was a rebellious little girl. The Harmer family didn’t agree with this, so my father kidnapped her and took her to the old Farthing’s house.

My sister was not fond of this old grandmother Dora Farthing or this aunt Joan Farthing, in fact she was not fond of any of our relatives on both sides of the family; being the Farthings and Harmers. Both of these families held up the pretence of being good citizens, so called christians, either Salvation Army or Church of England (Anglican).

My sister was horrified as she already knew what punishment meant for her growing up in these families that pretended to be Christians by day, but at night time they actually worshipped the devil. Occult families practising satanic ritual abuse.

In particular, she was handed over to our aunt Joan, who didn’t have any loving feelings at all towards my sister, but instead she hated my sister with even a stronger malice than even our own biological mother had towards all of us children. It was determined that this aunt would be able to bring my sister at only 6 years of age into line.

Of course over a short period of time this aunt also failed in completely destroying my sister and her own fighting spirit.

In the meantime the Harmer family were screaming at the Farthing family to return my sister to their control.

So the hatred toward my sister deepened and the rivalry within these families grew.

With this was then made the decision to send my sister when she was only a little girl into a Salvation Army Home in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

There were 2 reasons for this, the Farthing family did not want to admit defeat, but more importantly they did not want to hand back my sister to the Harmer family.

Much of this story has also been verified by the old mother, Thelma Jean Harmer, and both Harmer grandparents, George and Flora, and my eldest brother Anthony and confirmed again in just recent years.

But the secret part of this story is what I need to finally talk about; the time in the Salvation Army Girls Home.

Being sent to a Salvation Army Girls Home was another new shock my sister had to deal with when she was only very young, she was already well coped in undergoing many tortures, sexual abuses, bestiality, ritual and including satanic ritual abuses within our families and all their associates.

But now, in a Salvation Army Girls Home, she was having the reverse harm of the so called Christian spiritual abuse perpetrated against her. In a time before she could gain her own understanding of the True God and Christ Jesus.

The hypocrisy of the Salvos in this home trying to teach about a loving God whilst making a little girl undergo much more torture at the same hands of the pretend Christians belting into her so called Christian values and satanic occult teachings at the same time caused massive confusion.

Naturally the Salvation Army made many mistakes with this, which only caused my sister to be fully aware of what was happening to her, instead of the control the immediate Harmer family had over her to force her into an ‘altered state of consciousness’.

As the Harmer family only went to church on special occasions or called in the Anglican representatives that were relatives for punishment, but their main source of religion was the occults black spiritual teachings.

But by far their biggest mistake made in the Salvation Army Girls Home was strapping this young girl to a male horse to be raped. What needs to be explained here is that all children born into these occult families will be tortured and drugged and even put into dead carcasses of animals/reptiles etc and the belief enforced will be that they are born of this animal/reptile and so the child is a not human being.

The reason for this is so that these children will grow up believing they are not human and so do not have a conscious, know normal love, kindness, compassion and again to keep them away from any real faith with the only True Creator.

Again it’s all about controlling the person’s life; totally.

Well of course by this act in the Salvation Army Girls Home, which went against the animal she had already been brainwashed into believing she was born of, it created a huge conflict, and prevented her from being in an ‘altered state of consciousness’ to keep this memory hazy. It made the memory clear.

The worst of this time at the Salvation Army Girls Home was still yet to come.

My sister was again already used to being taken to live snuff shows at live theatres in Melbourne, and snuff movies at Melbourne, its suburbs and regional picture theatres. As well as the many times she was taken to the government run ABC Television Station in Melbourne, Australia making of snuff movies of babies and children.

But of course the founders of snuff movies of babies and children were the Salvation Army, which has boasted of being the first moving picture makers. So of course in the Salvation Army Girls Home, my sister was then also exposed to more of the making of these snuff movies.

What also needs to be explained here is; that the snuff movies were a huge black-market of corruption, much money was made by these movies and of course someone needed to supply both babies and children that normally would not be missed when taken, eg unwanted and abandoned babies and children.

The Salvation Army had much access to both the unwed pregnant mothers and many children were easily obtained from their many Homes for Children and Maternity Hospitals that were sanctioned to be run by the government.

Back to taking my sister to the Salvation Army’s snuff movie making, of course she was still fully aware of what was happening after the unnatural rape from the stallion. Again these memories were very clear.

My older sister had been subjected to seeing many babies and children killed in the making of the black-market huge money making of snuff movies, but these ones were in total conflict of the guise of so called Christianity and Satanism.

So naturally the other previous times of being forced to watch these snuff movies in their making were also remembered by my sister. Of course many children from the Salvation Army Childrens Homes were used as well as the unwed mothers newborn babies were killed in a seriously tormented way.

This 40 year secret of countless young babies and children being killed in such a sick perverse way of horrific torture, even older children being forced to rape the smaller children and babies, the final screams of these babies and children with this clear satanic ritual abuse done to them; was to be a remembrance for those who have not been able to continue this daily battle to escape ritual abuse in Australia.

Why is this information so important?

Besides the obvious fact that my own sister did not want me to ever forget these atrocious crimes committed that I also witnessed throughout childhood and teenage years, but she told me when the time is right is tell this secret; it will help other people who have also witnessed these things for their own selves. In that any children who have grown up in these awful surroundings would know that this shame is not theirs to wear.

And it finally answered a huge question I had about watching my sister continually going to the Anglican churches trying so desperately to find spiritual help after this deep long lasting Spiritual Abuse inflicted by the Salvation Army.

Janet and me

This photo of us taken together was after my sister had partially escaped our Farthing and Harmer family and the hidden occult global network. As I was the only child left with the family of evil monsters, then she came back to help me, on my 12th birthday.

This was after I had defaced the Harmer family’s ‘black bible’ and crossed out these names: Janet Thelma Farthing, Daniel John Graham Farthing and me known as Maureen Joan Farthing, all these names from the occult’s ‘book of death’. I had crossed out our names with my own blood.

I left in my older brother’s name; Anthony George Leonard Farthing as he had made his own decision to become in his words; “the evilest warlock” and continue with the family tradition of horror.

My sister knew that coming back to help me and to show love would cost her life and this life of the last baby she was carrying at that time. She was killed by the Farthing and Harmer families when she was 22 years old.

I thank Janet Farthing for the greatest Love.

As Christ Jesus said; “No greater Love does a person have than to lay down their life for another”.

Add in ABC TV’s Limelight productions and Salvation Army’s links about their film reels.

Salvation Army Australia (see link here), and here

Footnote: According to the Salvation Army their film reels were thrown into a Melbourne Suburban rubbish dump in the 1950’s, but I also know during the 2nd world war that some of the film reels were deliberately burnt by fire in Queensland Australia. I doubt that the snuff movies would have been burnt as they would be extremely valuable on the black-market.

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