UPDATED 13/02/2022.

Leonard Roy Farthing now in his 90’s from Salvation Army Family was a full time active scout for both the Salvation Army and the satanic occult travelling all of Australia for the purpose of finding children to be used for both sexual abuses, tortures and killing.

He also was a Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal door knocker, again to scout homes for babies and children.

He owns what’s called a ‘Little Lenny Doll’ as he is often referred to as Lenny. This awful doll he showed to my full time carer, Michael Mathews, and me when we last saw Lenny Farthing.

The description of this doll speaks really for itself; as in it’s a doll made specifically for the purpose for children to become familiar with a grown man’s sexual organs.

This doll has a large black curly haired beard that covers a small stuffed body and when the beard is lifted up, then is revealed a full man’s sized penis. This is used to coach especially young children to move on from a stuffed doll to men in a sexual way. It is also so the child will feel guilty as the child had previously played with the doll’s penis, then of course it will be said; “You had no problem with playing with the doll, and you had no problem with playing with men’s penis’”. Again another false guilt the child will wear.

Leonard Roy Farthing’s last known whereabouts Maryborough Victoria Australia and still travelling between this location and Ceduna in South Australia.

In his earlier years he would travel everywhere in Australia, even hold down different jobs in favourable locations. He was and still is a scout for both the Salvation Army and the Satanic Occult Network looking for babies, children and teenagers to recruit into the fold of the Global run Organised Satanic Occult Network.

Leonard Farthing (picture below) still likes to call me sometimes on my Birthdays; with the usual death threats to not only me, but also to my full time carer; Michael Mathews.

Len Farthing

George Leonard Farthing now in his 90’s, refused any photographs on last meeting to be taken. He particularly likes the Jimmy Savile UK style abuse to babies, children and especially children with disabilities. These very young innocent children are believed it would be harder for them to say anything or be believed.

He will choose the names of; George or Leonard mostly when in perpetrator role.

Last known whereabouts; Maryborough Victoria Australia.

Age does not make these men any less dangerous! These type of evil non human men live great ages and continue to ritually abuse babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Joan Farthing also now an old woman last known whereabouts in Victoria Australia. This was when I contacted the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service around 11 years ago.

Again don’t be fooled by the advanced ages of these extremely dangerous to society; perverts and paedophiles.

Thelma Jean Quinn (previous other surnames; Harmer and Farthing) she still lives in Wonthaggi Victoria Australia. Unfortunately I couldn’t stand the photos of this old hag and destroyed everyone I had several years ago.

This one is deeply entrenched in the Satanic Occult’s Religion and especially loves what’s known as the “Fountain of Youth”, sacrificing 7 month gestation babies from the womb for both the ritual and sacrifice to satan, her god. The eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of these babies is what they believe keeps them living such a long life, and the hope for their eternal life.

I myself have been a witness to this evil many times over a period of more than 40 years, and hoping that when I did approach police in Australia that they would take action against these evil ritual child abusers. This has not happened.

I believe the “Little Lenny Doll” was made specifically for Leonard Farthing in much the same way the demonic painting commissioned by Norman Lindsay named the ‘Woman and Satyr’ was done for this large network of evil that continually goes unchecked in Australia.

Tony Farthing

This is the only recent photo I could find of my eldest brother, who is a convicted Child Sex Offender.

This brother also sexually abused me for 8 years at the family’s insistence as they had married me to him in an occult ceremony when I was 4 years old and he was 12 years old.

The reason I am adding this photo as I have found out he has a Linked in account as a Master of Ceremonies called Tony’s Music Knights as is around families with children.

Do NOT let this man anywhere near your children.

Again he is 68 years old, but with age these perverted satanists only get worse.

His current location is Avoca, Victoria, but he also owns properties in Maryborough, Victoria. He himself before I physically escaped my evil family told me in 2004 that he played the born again Christian card to get out of jail early. And one of his properties he rents the single mother has a disabled daughter. This creepy brother loves to sexually abuse ALL children, but disabled ones even more as often they can’t tell anyone.

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