Another Day Of Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Early colonial administrations were anxious to address the gender imbalance in the population brought about by the importation of large numbers of convict men. Between 1788 and 1792, around 3546 male to 766 female convicts were landed at Sydney.

Source: Wikipedia: link here please continue reading

‘The evil social experiment on human beings’

Continuing on with Australia’s short history in my last post I was grappling with what to do next after finding a new local doctor wanted me to go through all the process of reviewing both pain management and anxiety issues that I have.

Well I believe my forensics report is a standalone document of proof of why I have both severe pain and anxiety issues.

Nevertheless, I would be a complete fool if I continued along this path, knowing the outcome it will achieve. This outcome is not for my benefit, but severely for my own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical detriment.

And yes, I am entitled to pain relief and any other medications that are meant to make my daily life easier to bear, but I am not expected to continually jump through these hoops at any given little local doctors demands.

So with this, and I have thought about it long and hard, I have decided to come off all medication for both the pain and anxiety relief altogether.

Some people may think this is drastic, some doctors and specialists would argue that it can’t be done as these medications are supposed to be extremely addictive. Well all I can say to this is; my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pains now need to be endured again like I had previously done for over 40 years.

Why such a drastic response? Well with anything that this completely evil system of the world, governments and their health systems can give to people suffering, well they can also hold these things over the individuals, keep the people in place, the blackmail of taking away something the person is now convinced that they cannot do without.

Well the worst scenario for coming off everything cold turkey; I get all pain back, anxiety levels at this time I don’t believe could possibly be any worse.

The best scenario of course is that I no longer have a dependency in this callous health system that at whim will threaten to take me away from what is important. In other words I will not be beholden to anything anymore.

For me, this sounds like the best way around this. I have spent the years of fighting for my basic health rights. And I would be a fool to continue these same repetitive fights when I know that ultimately these so called helpful medications are taking away so much from me. Ultimately I have lived without this so called help, and I can do so again.

So now of course I can move on again to what is really important.

Another 4 days on top of the previous 60 days have passed and I still have not received a reply from the top cop of the mid north coast district; commander pete thurtell.

I have to say that I find this amazing; as a police officer who has stated publically that he wants child abuse dealt with in his community, he continues to ignore help from not only myself but other people interested in seeing our Australian children being safe.

So I have appealed to this so called commander, I personally don’t know what he’s commanding as under his command instead of seeing child abuse being dealt with, he chooses to not only ignore witnesses, but also to falsely charge carers of survivors of satanic ritual abuse. This behaviour is at the very least; odd.

Maybe if this top cop takes off his uniform and looks at this problem from being just a man and a father himself, maybe he will see how easy it really is to help our Australian children suffering? Or just maybe I am being too hopeful.

I started this post with the brief history of Australia and the link to a Wikipedia source of the ratio of convict men to women, why?

Well the obviously imposed gender imbalance will most certainly for those who love to experiment with human beings, bring an outcome from this evil social experiment. Not only will the outcome be what was expected but the ramifications of now over the 200 year history will be deeply ingrained within the society.

What has been the overall outcome?

Well we have a society in Australia made up of its ok to abuse, rape, torture and torture children of any race, nationality, it’s acceptable.

The only thing that is not acceptable is for people who will not agree with this shocking way of treating children, to speak up and say No, this is not ok!

Please find this link here about the immorality in the early convict years in Australia.

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