Everyday Battles With Trying To Escape Ritual Abuse

The Worldly System of the Total Uncaring Way

All Child Abuse survivors will have health problems as adults, this is a known fact.

How much more so for the survivors of Ritual Abuse including Satanic Ritual Abuse and Torture?

This is both counting the adult Victims still entrapped and the Escapees.

What do I mean about the Victims still trapped? The adults in bad marriages after surviving ALL form of Child Abuse, the ones still trapped by their families and ties to these families, and of course the ones with young children themselves.

The major problems are:

Nowhere to escape to

No help whatsoever from a very cruel and callous Government System

An extremely uncaring Health System

As written in my alternative forensics report, many victims and escapees will encounter within both the Government and Health Systems people placed there to test the person. Whether it be by words that trigger a traumatic response, gestures causing an anxiety for the person, or surgical torture that makes the person recognisable to these Authorities placed to keep tabs on both the escapees and potential escapees.

They will also keep the ones still being victimised in their place of victim status.

Today I can give a clear example of this victimisation:

Even with the alternative forensics report, x rays, specialist reports etc; the fight for basic health needs to be met is ongoing, continually having to demand for these basic rights. And they are rights as they are for the health needs for all victims, escapees with serious health issues and disabilities from childhood and adulthood crimes committed against them.

Last week to my utter delight a local doctor decides that medication I have been taking off and on for approx 14 years, depending on the amount of persecutions going on either against me or my full time carer, he doesn’t agree or like this medication!

Well he’s not the one taking it, he’s also not the one trying to cope with continued compounded traumas and irregardless to whether he likes it or not; the simple fact is that I am an adult that has survived over 40 years of satanic Ritual Abuse, I do know what works for me, and especially what is detrimental to me.

So anyway this radical thinking doctor then decides I should take some other Government endorsed and approved medication which gave me terrible side effects to the point of not being able to breathe properly, added to existent health problems and disabilities and the worst of this was that it was a serious mind altering drug.

Any person who has endured Ritual Abuse and satanic Ritual Abuse does NOT want to know about medications with these serious side effects. It’s bad enough during the childhood/teenage years of being fed drugs from families involved with the networks of child prostitution and sex trafficking of children/teenagers.

In other words there is already a history of the misuse of mind altering drugs, medications. This particular medication also caused more sleeping problems, and general unsteadiness, the last thing I certainly need with both muscular and spinal damage. Thanks to this local doctor most of last week was spent trying to eliminate this government promoted toxic medication from my body and I was ill for many days.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse; my other medication for pain relief that I have, and I had to go through many pain specialists to get, this same local doctor today decides that I need this also now to be reduced and reviewed.

Within this so called appointment of a doctor caring for his patient, I did explain to this local doctor that by making me jump through all the hoops and hurdles yet again for medications that have already been approved by specialists, that he is burdening me up when I am already in a terrible state of anxiety and now by him choosing to cut back on my regular pain medication, I will also be in more pain, which of course will feed the anxiety.

And yes, you’ve got it by now, he also doesn’t agree with my already prescribed pain medication.

I don’t have any problems with medications being reviewed, but this local doctor’s complete uncaring attitude of now having to spend countless hours travelling, which causes more pain, waiting at pain specialists centres etc is in a totally inappropriate time.

Besides, when have local doctors believed they can override specialists?

So today I am feeling rather annoyed, but this much I can say: How often does the Health System want me to speak about what they really don’t want to hear? Hmm?

Anyone with half a brain would realise by now that I am 52 years old and have been speaking out for 50 years,  that I don’t hold back from speaking up about atrocious crimes not only committed against myself, but children being abused even now.

So another full circle of both the Government that runs the so called Health System will receive what they dread; this subject of extreme negligence that will NOT go away.

Likewise with the Worldly System and the Abusers, this too is their shame to wear. The Government is just as callous as any abuser by the denial of basic human health needs.

So again another battle, but most importantly I sincerely hope that these battles I keep having with the Government run Health System will help other victims and escapees with their severely neglected health needs.

I am trying to look at this farcical pretense of doctoring for what it really is; No Empathy, Total Lack of Care, and Completely Inhumane.

But then that is what the Worldly system of things is!

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