Escape from Mallacoota & Failford

Escaping Mallacoota


  • When escaping problems with police and medical services at Mallacoota, Victoria, my carer Michael and I had to pack up our small truck and caravan in the middle of the night.
  • We had to pack up in the middle of the night so that no one would notice that we are leaving Mallacoota and trying to avoid anyone including police from wanting to stop us leaving.
  • We had given a great deal of information to the police about illegal activity that had occurred to me since escaping from my ritual abuse family and associates.
  • We had reported to the police we had many registered mail letters sent to government and authorities whilst seeking justice had been stolen or intercepted.
  • Certain Centrelink staff had also removed items from my file such as; Statutory Declaration and sent back to me from a different region than the Centrelink office which held my file.
  • Centrelink had also informed me that they believed there were another 8 bank accounts in my name and I knew that my mother would have been the holder of these accounts which were unknown to me.
  • These accounts would have belonged to my mother for her to hide large amounts of money that she was accruing through child prostitution.
  • Another escapee and I had been trying to get the police to assist us with these and a number of other serious matters.
  • But the police became very annoyed with us and made threatening remarks to my carer letting him know that they had no intention of helping us.
  • We left the area before daybreak knowing that without police assistance we were no longer safe at Mallacoota.
  • We spent the next year searching for a secure affordable place to live and ultimately my chronic illnesses worsened and my mobility had decreased due to skeletal damages inflicted upon me by the evil family.
  • Due to a number of years of stress and trauma my carer also became very ill and his mobility had also decreased because of regularly packing up furniture and relocating had grossly aggravated and worsened his pre existing spine injuries.
  • We were both so ill that we had to stop somewhere and try to live in a more stable situation.

Failford Fails


  • In desperation we purchased a small onsite caravan and annex with a verandah attached and a basic utility area attached containing washing machine, laundry tub, cupboard space and table and chairs.
  • We lived there very quietly and we were both largely housebound and trying to recover from illnesses.
  • Unknown to us when we purchased this onsite van the people over the road about 7 metres away lived the park committee president and secretary.
  • They both owned dogs that barked constantly and attacked people including children.
  • Soon after we moved in we were both attacked by these dogs and the constant barking was making it impossible for us to recover from our illnesses due to sleep deprivation.
  • When we asked these people whom were also ARPRA representatives to try to control their dogs we immediately suffered abuse and harassment.
  • We contacted the council ranger and he called around and tried to speak to these people but they hid themselves away from him and refused to open the door and speak with him.
  • After other people complained to the ranger about these dogs, the ranger told us that it is the responsibility of the park management to control nuisance dogs.
  • We asked the park management to assist and they directed the dog owners to put barking collars on their dogs to stop them barking, but the dog owners only briefly controlled their dogs then let them go on barking and attacking people.
  • Ultimately the dog owners and the park management began an aggressive campaign against us with abuse, harassment, threats and serious damage to my car.
  • We contacted the police and they did nothing to assist us.
  • The harassment, threats and abuse continued so we wrote to the local commander of police requesting assistance and he wrote back saying he would send police out to help us.
  • The police did not come out to help us and did not help us in anyway, even though we had sent them a transcript of a sound recording of the people aggressing us planning to do harm to us and our property.
  • These people then seriously damaged my carer’s car and attempted to assault my carer and tried to goad him into fighting with 3 men.
  • I, my carer and another park resident went to the police station requesting to make statements about the attacks against ourselves and our cars.
  • The other park resident with us also wanted to make a statement to police about threats, harassment and intimidation to her and give supportive evidence to the police about the attacks against myself and my carer.
  • The police refused to take our 3 statements.
  • Subsequently the criminal attacks against ourselves continued.
  • Nearly a month and a half after this the police came and charged my carer with assaulting the ARPRA representative who attacked my carer.

This is only the beginning of my story since initially escaping from my multi generational ritual abuse family and their associates.
My ex family are involved in ritual abuse, rape, torture, murder and sex trafficking of children.
These latest events involving persecution from police have caused me to have a complete nervous breakdown and now my carer is also very ill.
I will continue with my story when I am well enough and let the world know the truth of what is happening in Australia, the so called lucky country!

Below are photos of our vandalised cars:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam my car vandalised my car vandalised 2 Created with Nokia Smart Cam

This is a letter from me to the Forster NSW police chief: letter to cops.

I have also posted on this page the letter dated 5/06/2014 to the Chief Commander; Peter Thurtell of Forster Police Station NSW so that mobile devices will not have to download the link.

And I still have NOT received any reply to date, amazing as I’m even yet again offering assistance to Police with of my extensive knowledge of child abuse networks!





CC TO: Alexandra Reid:




  1. When my car was vandalised the police under your command did NOT take photographs, fingerprints or forensics as we were told by Police at Nabiac that Forster police would do!
  2. You have NOT addressed the fact that when you sent the letter dated; 13/01/2014 to us that your constable wiseman DID NOT come and visit us in regards to the escalating events and the sound recording of Bob McKay and others planning to do further damage to our property and to ourselves!
  3. My Carer; Mr Michael Mathews had written back to you again, refer letter dated 13/02/2014 informing you that your constable wiseman had NOT arrived and obviously after this correspondence we obviously expected your constable wiseman or another police officer under your command to come to our assistance. NONE of your officers turned up!
  4. And the matter DID certainly escalate as your constable wiseman originally suggested may happen. This left us both, myself and my Carer in a completely vulnerable position and basically gave permission to our aggressors to continue with their Criminal Acts against us!
  5. This IS exactly what happened and Bob McKay aggressively attacked my Carer in the company of others whom were screaming threats, abuse and trying to goad my Carer to fight.
  6. I noted at the time that Bob McKay and David Potter (known Criminal) were NOT wearing their glasses. This IS obvious they were looking for a fight, as it is well known, common knowledge that people planning on fighting will take their glasses off!
  7. They continued their Criminal attacks against us by vandalising my Carer’s vehicle and then blocking off his car park. Photos are available.
  8. Your police have done NOTHING about our mail being intercepted, stopped, secreted or tampered with!
  9. Your police have done NOTHING about the abuse, threats and harassment to myself on numerous occasions over many months!
  10. Your police have done NOTHING about the attempts to extort property!
  11. You have done NOTHING about one of your officers lying and deceiving NSW Housing in relation to finding refuge in another place! This was strongly recommended by my Doctor.
  12. Two of your police personal had also previously strongly recommended that we leave Riverside Holiday Park for our own safety.
  13. You have done NOTHING and made NO comment about the fact that 3 of us Residents from Riverside Holiday Park, wanting to make complaints and do statements about the series of Unlawful Activities against ourselves, including the physical attack against my Carer by Bob McKay!
  14. We came to your police station at Forster on the 24/02/2014 and your constable cartwright grossly mislead us, saying the matters are all civil matters.
  15. This blocking of our access to NORMAL police services gave our aggressors even more confidence to continue with their Illegal Activity against us!
  16. You HAVE given Criminals the permission to continue with their Criminal behaviour!
  17. There are quite a number of other issues which will be presented before a Jury!
  18. Your police did treat my Carer; Mr Michael Mathews abusively and with serious negligence as I heard him tell your police officers that he has serious spine injuries and he is technically TPI – Totally and Permanently Incapacitated!
  19. My Carer; Mr Michael Mathews told your police officers quite clearly that if he was made to bounce around in the police wagon, he would quite likely suffer further damages! HE has suffered further damages, as his Doctor is well aware and since that time his mobility has decreased even further and he has to use his crutches a lot more than previously. He is also suffering a great deal of more pain since this event!
  20. When your officers arrested my Carer; Mr Michael Mathews instead of the attacker; Bob McKay, at your police station your officers offered him a cup of coffee, which he said yes as he needed to take his pain medication. NONE of your officers brought my Carer; Mr Michael Mathews a cup of coffee or even a glass of water. I brought in with me many hours later to your police station a bottle of water so my Carer; Mr Michael Mathews had something to drink and take his pain medication!
  21. Forster police HAVE completely failed in their Duties relating to my personal Lawful Rights nor have you had ANY consideration for the serious damaging effects that have occurred to my health by ignoring my Basic Rights after many months of constant abuse, threats, intimidation and Criminal Actions against myself and my property!
  22. The Forster police HAVE done absolutely NOTHING and this has ultimately caused me to have a complete nervous breakdown. This has been confirmed by 2 Doctors.
  23. Even with my Carer trying to pack up so we could leave the Criminally run Caravan Park, both the manager of Riverside Holiday Park; Dianne Scott and the well known Criminal; David Potter yet again threatened and harassed my Carer: Mr Michael Mathews! Mr Michael Mathews has NO criminal convictions!
  24. The disgusting overwhelming burden that Forster police have imposed on my Carer; Mr Michael Mathews has now made his full time job of helping me harder to do with his extra pain caused by the Negligence and Dereliction of Duty of your police and this has caused my Carer further serious health problems!
  25. It is NO wonder that the long term Residents of Riverside Holiday Park say they HAVE absolutely NO trust, NO confidence in your police!
  26. As YOU refuse to investigate your extreme negligence and your police officers extreme negligence and the refusal to perform NORMAL police duties then I will be complaining again to the NSW Premier, NSW Ombudsman, NSW Police Integrity, Local Member of Parliament and the Media.
  27. Why are YOU assisting known Criminals? And yet attack disabled people known for doing their best to Lawfully Assist the elderly, the disabled, the sick and low income earners at Riverside Holiday Park.
  28. And of course YOU know we are both involved in helping victims of horrendous child abuse (such as myself) and many other both current and past victims.
  29. I have noted in a news article that you have said that you are very concerned with child abuse issues and you invited people to approach you in relation to child abuse matters. I am now offering to assist you with this greatly neglected work for our Australian Children and I can provide you with extensive information and evidence to help you locate widespread child abuse networks in order to assist you to help the MANY Children suffering terribly. My Carer; Mr Michael Mathews also has considerable knowledge of these matters and he and other people are willing to also assist you. If police are willing to co-operate with Victims, Carers and other Knowledgeable people, police could do truly wonderful work in helping our Australian Children.

Yours sincerely

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2 Responses to Escape from Mallacoota & Failford

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  2. ISHIJAH says:

    I am disgusted at the lack of compassion, empathy and mercy that you and Michael have to endure, from your family, police and fellow Australian citizens. Police are corrupt here in UK too, and this JWO Coronahoax has even exacerbated their inaptitude. Ifear that freemasonry is much to blame, coupled with an oath to serve the satanic Crown, and not its’ citizens.
    My heart and prayers reach out to you dear Renée and Michael, from all the way in the cold UK.


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